World of Tanks – Patch 1.6.1 Common Test starts today!

To download the test client, go to your Game Center (exclusively), all games tab, download game by ID and put this into the box:


It is unknown what will be tested, but test servers should open today if everything goes well.

We will keep you updated.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Patch 1.6.1 Common Test starts today!

  1. They released a Video of said Patch “Update 1.6.1. Öffentlicher Test. Ein Blick in die Zukunft“
    which was deleted instantly. It basically says “…Public Test. A look into the future“. Hopefully they are addressing some Stuff from their video released in January ¯_(ツ)_/¯
    e.g. XVM like block etc.

      1. I just find it funny that most think \”focus\” will die down when it does get blocked. As I\’m still willing to bet that over half the \”focus\” most get via arty etc don\’t even use it. As clan tags etc will still be there for all to see. And that\’s enough for most to tell their team to focus on him first.

        1. Well, you are right in some way, i can see that not all arty players which sometimes focus me dont have xvm… when i play aggressive, i count with that i can be focused, i dont cry about xvm, thats normal. But the main advantage of xvm is i can change the vanila client – to make stats appear in garage in tank cells, to change the scrolling speed in garage, to enable auto crew return or auto equip, to change the camera in game (zoom out), to change sniper mode… thats great for me to change the client legally, with no other mods, exactly how i want:)

    1. Ability to change the nation of a vehicle infinitely (only for rudy for now), ranked changes and other things

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