World of Tanks – Patch 1.6.1 main changes

• A touch for future events and events in the game, which are in an active stage of development.

• Multinational equipment.
The player can change the nation on certain tanks of his own free will. Such an opportunity will appear first for the T-34-85 Rudy! In the future, other tanks will be added to it.
You can change the nation at any time, absolutely free of charge and as many times as you like. With this innovation, players open additional. opportunities. For example, on 1 tank it is possible to perform Campaign missions of different nations and rock the crew of 2 different nations on a single tank (USSR / Poland).
* On the T-34-85 General Test, Rudy will be credited to all players.

• 11 new ready-made fully historical styles, 1 for each nation in the game. They will be available to be bought in the game for gold.

• New Huntsman style for all tanks in the game.

• Ranked battles mode.
Changes in RB 2019. According to the developers, now they will have to play less to achieve better results, adjustments have been made.

Ranked battles will be released after 1.6.1

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Patch 1.6.1 main changes

    1. It will only work with premium and I think only with premiums that comes from another nation. Like churchill 3, m4a1 rev, t55a etc

    2. You can\’t change any tank to any nationality. I\’m pretty sure it will be limited to one other nation like in the case of the Rudy and it will probably work on premium tanks.

      1. Warplanes have this feature for their \”European plus Israel\” tech tree. any nation goes. we will have to wait and see how the tonks will do it. I\’d also hope they\’ll stay historic and find a way to introduce captured vehicles in the future (like they did with the Tiger II)

  1. that’s it? no buffs to e100 , is4 , e5 lines? no free sixth sense? no buffs to old premium tanks?

    1. I would be amazed if anything happens to the IS-4 within the next 12 months. As WG don\’t even know what they want to do with it. E100 and Tiger II etc have been said recently will come later, as the E100 first was promised reworked \”not buffed\” when the gold ammo change was final.

  2. now thats something interesting…
    not like was not requested and proposed by players for years already…but still :))

    also…what will happen with crews?? Will they change their nationality too ?
    If yes, is this function available for crews only too, or just for tanks??

    1. “also…what will happen with crews?? Will they change their nationality too ?“

      No. It’s like you are purchasing a new tank, you will have to get a new crew, equipment, consumables and shells on it BUT you keep your whole loadout with the crew in the future if you decide to change the nationality again.

      1. ok, another question then…
        if i change a tank nationality…then i can rebuy it in his main nation and get 2 same tanks but on different nations? 🙂

        1. No idea about this, but rebuying is unnecessary in my opinion as you can change the nationality back with the click of a button and you got your old setup back.

  3. Finally, they have been talking about that since the Rudy game. And it\’s free for an unlimited times? Nice.

    I have way too many prem Russian meds. Having a 2nd Polish trainer would not hurt.

      1. No HT \”line\” either as such. But still, most only have the Pudel to train even those crews before transferring. Having a 2nd tank to do a daily in to speed up the base % speed before books is not bad for anyone.

  4. Overall, this patch is quite underwhelming again and half of the things WG promised last year is still missing, like the Bond Shop, the free 6th Sense and skill rework…

    1. It\’s a .1 patch. Not 1.7. None of the .1 patches are rich in content. And we have at least 1 or 2 of those a year with nothing new, no balance or new maps. As this is more a tweak patch then anything.

      1. That’s true…. but also the pace at which these patches are coming out and *any* changes are being made is absolutely glacial. A patch this small shouldn’t take as long to test and implement as a major 1.6 or 1.7 patch… but it probably will. IIRC the amount of time WG has taken between saying that they’re going to rebalance prem ammo and actually starting major tests on it… or the amount of time between them saying that a square render range will be turned into a circle… is the same as the amount of time Naughty Dog to make the entire original Uncharted trilogy.

      2. WG said that the shop is ready and it’s only missing tanks. A .1 patch would have been perfect to fill it up as no new mechanics are required for the implementation. Also 2/3 of the year is gone already there is like 2 or a maximum of 3 patches left for this year they will either run out of time or they will rush everything and screw up something in the end.

      3. In my opinion minor *.X patches SHOULD always have more focus on things like:
        tweaking of tank balance, tweaks to miscellaneous content (camo etc), adjustments to existing maps, adjustments to existing game modes, adjustments to game mechanics.
        But most importantly: balance tweaking of all tier tanks and tank lines.

        And major X.0 patches SHOULD focus most on new content releases like: new tanks/lines, new maps, new game modes, big mechanics changes

        Like RubberBoat said. Wargaming is gruelingly & glacially slow when it comes to tweaking balance and when they do it is mostly the few high tier tanks in a tech tree line or the premiums that get looked at. Like the rest of their product does not have content for that matter.
        This business practice for me has become aggravating to see unfolding over the years, that it grinds my gears every time I read next patch notes that add next to close to nothing in terms of what this game has needed over the past 3 years.

      1. The gold ammo rework is dead, the sandbox of it sucked, worst gameplay experience I\’ve had in game. They know this, so expect another 12 months plus, while they come up with a new idea.

  5. All you people just haters and all salt and complains, they gave you dog tags and the shop was reworked recently, and a whole another game within a game, and a bunch of other fail games, and still you want more, like solutions to actual problems, remedies to game faults and fulfilled promises. It just doesn’t work this way! So simmer down and let the company people decide what you need!

    1. Im just waiting for the Ammo change. Sick of all players going around the map firing gold like they were nothing. Learn to aim instead. I can note that I only have max 10-12 gold ammo in all of my
      tanks, even the E 25.

  6. Hmm, this is cool in so many ways. French or polish panther can be crewed with german crew from german panther line, or ht no 4 can have german crew. Use your t54 crew on t55a. Have i understood correctly this new functionality or is it just wishful thinking?

  7. \”Absolutely free of charge\”
    You could say all porn stars are virgins and it\’d be more true than saying this will be free of charge.
    Just wait for it. During the test phase, they will realize that \”oh crap, why make this free when we can make tons of money off it?\”

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