World of Tanks – Patch 1.6.1 main changes

• A touch for future events and events in the game, which are in an active stage of development.

• Multinational equipment.
The player can change the nation on certain tanks of his own free will. Such an opportunity will appear first for the T-34-85 Rudy! In the future, other tanks will be added to it.
You can change the nation at any time, absolutely free of charge and as many times as you like. With this innovation, players open additional. opportunities. For example, on 1 tank it is possible to perform Campaign missions of different nations and rock the crew of 2 different nations on a single tank (USSR / Poland).
* On the T-34-85 General Test, Rudy will be credited to all players.

• 11 new ready-made fully historical styles, 1 for each nation in the game. They will be available to be bought in the game for gold.

• New Huntsman style for all tanks in the game.

• Ranked battles mode.
Changes in RB 2019. According to the developers, now they will have to play less to achieve better results, adjustments have been made.

Ranked battles will be released after 1.6.1