World of Tanks – Steel Hunter at Late Night (Big streamers included!)


Now that the Steel Hunter mode has been running for about a week, big content creators are joining the battle. Watch them succeed or taken down in the neverending struggle to be the last tank standing:

30 August

31 August

1 September

Invite your friends to the Steel Hunter mode

Bringing your gang to World of Tanks has never been easier: With the Steel Hunter mode, everyone starts off fresh in each battle, making it a great choice for introducing your friends to the game. Find more information in this article. Also, your friends can use the following invite code with seven days of Premium Account and the T-127, a highly capable Soviet light tank:




0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Steel Hunter at Late Night (Big streamers included!)

  1. Why is WG wasting their money on stuff nobody asked for instead of spending it on the game?
    Why did they pay Doc to stream when he had so many controversies, Is WG not aware any of them?

    1. Okay, which one of you Doc fans have ninja edited my comment? I thought Seb said that anything goes here and a little jab which wasn\’t offensive in any way was deleted from my comment without any notice. Not cool guys…

      1. Alright, your previous comment clearly involved inflammatory language which is why I edited it (but left the \”controversy\” part in). There is nothing wrong with free speech, as long as people are polite and respectful, there is no fanboyism going on. We simply expect the comments section to remain clean and PG.

  2. This is WGs way of bringing in new players after they\’ve pissed off the old ones 😂 🤣

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