Russian Ministry of Education approves experts’ proposal to introduce World of Tanks to school curriculum

Note: This is a follow up to this article, which explores Russian expert decision to add certain creative/MMO games like World of Tanks and Minecraft among others to introduce them into school curriculum.

The Ministry of Education responded to a proposal by the Director General of the Internet Development Institute (IRI) Sergey Petrov to introduce optional e-sports lessons in schools as an experiment in 2020–2025. The department noted that educational organizations can independently decide on the inclusion of elective classes in the curriculum.

The ministry recalled that, in addition to compulsory subjects, schools can include additional classes in the curriculum that may be interesting for students.

“I believe that the position of the Ministry of Education is quite balanced: look at the interest and willingness of schools to such electives,” Dmitry Smit, president of the Russian Computer Sports Federation, told reporters.

On August 22, IRI proposed the Ministry of Education to introduce optional e-sports lessons in schools, including Dota 2, CodinGame, FIFA 19, Hearthstone, Minecraft and World of Tanks. According to Petrov, these games contribute to the development of strategic and creative thinking, logic, and reaction speed. , and also give basic team play skills.