World of Tanks – Steel Hunter Battle Royale is live

The update is live, with new battle royale mode, 25 ranks full of goodies to unlock and enemies to triumph upon. Good luck commanders!

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Steel Hunter Battle Royale is live

  1. OMG this mode is so good!

    Naaa, for real – it\’s total crap, as expected. Another lunar round tank football race fail. I bet the kids love it. Tanki Online.

    1. So just because you didn\’t like an actually interesting and well made mode It\’s suddenly is \”crap\”? i bEt ThE kIdS lOvE iT, durr. Considering your previuos posts here it\’s not surprising, I suppose. I suggest you think for more than 2 seconds before shitting in the comments.

  2. The game-play is complete trash. The way to win is so unbelievably cheap. Never get into a fight yourself, steal kills and only fight if the enemy is 2shot kill. Grabbing loot and escaping is greatly encouraged, as your health can be healed fully over the course of 5 seconds. Ammo is scarce mostly, so fighting is useless

    1. well than you are doing it wrong…..fighting other tanks gives tons of XP so you can upgrade your tank faster…..ammo is scarce-are you serious???….I finish battles with over 50 shells in my tank

  3. The only nice thing about it is the garage –
    It looks great and I suggest the Hangman mod so I can be used outside of that event.

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