WoT EU – VK 168.01 (P): the Original Mauerbrecher



Straight outta Germany, the first sale of the “unskinned” version of the Mauerbrecher arrives. You asked for it, and we listened: it’s now possible to add the VK 168.01 (P) without the Mauerbrecher skin on its armour, or even exchange it if you already had it parked in your Garage. A wise decision, knowing that this super-heavy German tank is highly resilient and quite punishing, courtesy of its decent penetration and alpha damage values.

VK 168.01 (P) (Mauerbrecher) Offers

  • VIII VK 168.01 (P)
  • Garage Slot
  • 100% Trained Crew

0 thoughts on “WoT EU – VK 168.01 (P): the Original Mauerbrecher

  1. How is the Mauerbrecher compared to say the VK 7501 (K). It is much more expensive. I saw skill4lt\’s review of the VK 7501 and the tank seems not very impressive, with weak frontal lower plate. What about the Maurebrecher, is it even worse than the VK?

    1. I can’t imagine the 168.01 is any worse than the VK 75.
      On paper, the 75 beats the shit out of the 168 in every regard exept some DPM and 3 gun depression.

      1. I hate the set paint jobs, want regular camo, but it took literally years for WG to offer the switch.

  2. The most useless tank I own. Slooow, giant and full of weak spots for the few not buttering it with premium shells. Then there\’s arty on top of that..

  3. I like it. Armored enough, good damage, viable HE, makes money and wins games. Funny as hell in Frontline, but painfully slow. OK tank.

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