WoT Battle Royale – Tanks and upgrade options

Tanks available for use in the Steel Hunter event:
• Red Dawn (USSR).
• Rattlesnake (USA).
Flaming sword (Germany).


0 thoughts on “WoT Battle Royale – Tanks and upgrade options

  1. Germans get hosed again. not a single tank combo there can stand up to anything from the other two. countries.

  2. It would actually a fun game mode, when it would be a battle royal in reverse.

    Everyone with a Tier X can play FFA 30 vs 30. Everybody starts with a Tier X you recive XP as usual, but with a certain XP barrier your tank is lowered by 1 tier. So for example with 800 XP gained, in midgame you are moved into the tank IX from your chosen line (even if you dont have it in your garage). And after the next 700 XP into Tier VIII and so forth.

    This will keep going until tier 1. The one with the most XP wins.

    1. I agree . Would give everyone a fair chance. Battle royal turns into top players grouping up and cleaning house then and only then fighting each other.

  3. Lel. Soviets get IS-3’s (?) hull with magic almost retard-proof side armor and a bowl turret, meanwhile the rest… just no.

      1. Sure, against higher tiers it\’s not that much, but who knows what guns you\’ll get in this mode. And don\’t forget the spaced area above the tracks. Anyway, compared to the other two options, yeah it\’s magic.

  4. weridly enough french nation isnt in
    i wonder why ?? oh yeh maybe because it would have ended up in 90 % win for france like always 😀

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