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Rising Above the Clouds: GeForce NOW’s Open Platform Elevates PC Gaming

Since we launched the GeForce NOW public beta, we’ve been heads-down and laser-focused on developing the best cloud gaming service. And while we’re looking forward to launching the service out of beta in the coming months for the millions of gamers eager to play from the cloud, we’re closing in on a couple major milestones.

We’re extending GeForce NOW to more screens with Android mobile, available later this year.

2 Billion New Screens to Game On

Already in beta to the delight of 1 billion underpowered PCs that aren’t game ready, GeForce NOW will soon extend to one of the most popular screens in the world, Android phones — including flagship devices from LG and Samsung.

Just like on PC, Mac and SHIELD TV, when the Android mobile app releases it’ll be in beta. We’ll continue improving and optimizing the experience. Beware as some games will be unplayable on an Android phone without a gamepad.

An Open Platform for Gamers, Publishers and Developers

The service connects to popular digital game stores, allowing gamers to bring their game libraries with them. That includes new releases and hit titles like Control (coming soon), Fallout 76, Fortnite, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Wolfenstein: Youngblood and World of Tanks. So you can play the games you already own across all your devices — PC, Mac and SHIELD — with more platforms coming later this year.

We already support over 500 games, with compatibility for thousands more. And we’re exploring how our users can play more of their favorite games, even before they’re formally part of our library.

Since games are purchased from popular digital stores, gamers still can download and play their games locally. So, a second purchase isn’t needed to play them in the cloud with GeForce NOW. This also means that developers don’t need to spend cycles porting their games to a new platform, nor is there a new business model being introduced to publishers.

Play the Future Today, as We Prepare for Tomorrow

Available today on Mac, PC and SHIELD TV, GeForce NOW is transforming those devices into full-blown gaming rigs. It’s a gaming PC in the cloud for hardware that isn’t game ready.
GeForce NOW is the first gaming rig that you never have to worry about upgrading, patching or updating. We handle all this for you, so you’re always moments away from playing your favorite games.

And, like any great platform, GeForce NOW continues to improve. Look for big announcements coming later this year.

The sun is starting to set on the free beta period, meaning gamers who want to play the future today should request access before it’s gone!

Check out Nvidia GeForce NOW here!


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