WoT – Battle Royale first details


Steel Hunter: fight for supremacy to the last!

World of Tanks launches an exciting new mode with unique gameplay. It will be interesting for both beginners and experienced fighters. You have to fight against other players alone or in a platoon of three people in special combat vehicles.

The battles will take place on the huge city map “Zone 404”, the borders of which are gradually narrowing. In addition to the new game mechanics, Steel Hunter will bring many rewards.

* The event will be held from August 26, 12:00 (Moscow time) to September 16, 04:00 (Moscow time).

General information.

The map on which you have to fight is gradually reduced. Hazardous areas appear where your car will lose strength points. In order not to become an easy target for opponents, you need to constantly improve your tank by collecting trophies on the map. They help to help out directly in battle, adding mobility, firepower, visibility to the car, etc. Along the way, it is necessary to shoot enemies who will also hunt for trophies.

Actively fight with opponents or keep apart, play alone or platoon – the choice is yours. But the surviving player or platoon wins. At the same time, 20 single players or 7 platoons of 3 hunters each can fight on the map.


Unique tanks.

With the start of the event, three special machines of the following nations will become available: USA, Germany and the USSR. Each tank is unique and maxed out, increasing its characteristics, right during the battle. You can earn experience on improvements by collecting trophies and causing damage or destroying opponents in battle. As a result, your tank can turn into a real terminator from a nondescript vehicle.

Trophies and cargo.

One of your main tasks is collecting trophies. They are located on the map in certain places and do not renew. Trophies can restore ammunition, replenish strength points and provide another advantage in the battle, as well as provide the experience necessary for pumping equipment.

Exceptions are cargo. They are periodically dropped by parachute and marked in blue. They contain the most valuable equipment. Loads will be the point of attraction for players on the map. So get ready for a serious battle if you plan to capture them.

The principle of operation of the radar:

Radar is a new game mechanic that allows you to find enemy equipment and supply points on the minimap. It is activated manually by pressing the X key. However, be careful: using the radar shows your position on the minimap to anyone who is within range.

Mechanics of detection / visibility:

The Steel Hunter review system is new to World of Tanks and is based on the principle of the viewing cone. If the enemy, trophies or cargo do not fall into this sector, you cannot detect them. That is, you see only in the direction where the tower is turned. The usual X-ray circle, in which all the equipment is displayed, will remain.


Special equipment:

In the Steel Hunter mode, exclusive equipment with new capabilities has been added, using which at the right time, you can change the balance of power in your favor.

Battle reserves:

In addition to new equipment in the Steel Hunter mode, special combat reserves will be available, including new, previously inaccessible in the game.

Degrees and awards.

Having achieved maximum progress in the Steel Hunter game event (25th degree), you will collect the largest number of awards. Among them are decals, credits, two unique styles, bonds, stripes, medals and days of WoT premium account.