WoT Festival – New patch “Dear Guest”

The patch can be earned for earning all 6 tiers of rewards during the tank festival (You have 2 months to do that). 9 on the patch depicts 9 years of World of Tanks. Description reads:

“For collecting the entire collection of personal badge components as part of the Tank Festival event during the celebration of the 9th anniversary of the game.”

0 thoughts on “WoT Festival – New patch “Dear Guest”

  1. seeing new badges annoys me because they have yet to add some badges for actual accomplishments in the game like Senior Technical Engineer, Ace mastery on X amount of tanks, 3 marking X amount of tanks, etc.

  2. One can imagine the chaos this will create in the coming months. just when we almost survived the summer and it’s poor players….
    So one hope is that it is tier 6 and above to get these tokens, am I right?

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