WoT Supertest: the Turtle Mk. I

Today, we have big news: the Turtle Mk. I, a British Tier VIII TD, is about to hit the Supertest.

It’s similar to the British assault tank line spearheaded by the FV217 Badger, both in appearance and stats. Its survivability reaches 1,400 HP, and the frontal armour is 228 mm thick, which is quite impressive. However, everything has its price. The Turtle Mk. I suffers from low mobility, like most vehicles of its line. With a top speed of 20 km/h, we recommend choosing your flank during the countdown and sticking to it until the end of the battle.

That said, the Turtle Mk. I has an ace up its sleeve: its gun. It reloads in 6.6 s with an average damage per shot of 330 points. So, its DPM reaches 3,000, one of the highest values in the entire game! The accuracy and aiming time are decent as well: 0.34 m at 100 m and 1,7 s, respectively. Dealing with enemy armour won’t be much of an issue: the standard shells (AP) penetrate 217 mm and the special rounds (APCR) 245 mm of effective armour. One more thing: the gun depression angle is -10° and the horizontal gun arc is 20° each to the left and the right.

Let’s sum up: though the Turtle Mk. I fires much faster than it rolls! Its survivability and firepower help you to destroy the enemy before they know what’s going on. If protected from a rear attack, the Turtle Mk. I can succeed in keeping the enemy at bay and breaking their defences.

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  1. close combat? no turret & poor traverse, go buy a 252u
    medium range fighter? too slow & big weak spots, go buy a 252u.
    long range sniper? poor penetration & low alpha, go buy a 252u.

    1. You obviously have never played the Tortoise before.

      I fear this tank more than some tier Xs because of the rate of fire and dpm.

      If that thing has enough armor to use that dpm, it’ll be the best tank of its tier. Defender is tough but the gun is awful.

  2. I think that this maybe the AT-16 just under a fake name as it was the literal precursor to the tortoise with very minor (armor and such) changes between the two vehicles

    P.S. this is for the people who would like to know about this stuff as there are people who still do care

    1. Looks more like an amalgamation of the tortoise and badge, making me believe it’s another loosely based concept, rather than an actual prototype, or sketch.

    2. this is the AT16

      I don’t know if the “Turtle” is real or not but it seems that there were quite a few ideas of making a casemated version of the FV201 “series” (would later become the FV214 Conqueror), namely one design designated FV205 with a 32pdr gun

      and another desingated FV217 with a 120mm gun (FV217 is known as the Badger in the game)

      these were not the only ones, there’s also something called the Taurus with the well known 180mm cannon

      given the similarity between the AT16 and A39 final design it would be unlikely for the “Turtle” to be a preliminary design, additionally WG has added on the Badger wiki page that it is their interpretation of what the FV217 would look like based on the FV205 mockup (its predecessor), for that reason I look at a 3rd JagdPanther-style TD branch proposal someone posted on 2017 where he posted this image

      which would be his reasoning to what a casemated FV201 might have looked like, maybe the “Turtle” is actually a WG interpretation of some other casemated FV201 proposal?
      also, it is just a minor detail but the design of the roadwheels (the smaller ones at the bottom) does resemble the ones on the FV201(A45), Caernarcon and FV217 Badger, like I wrote it is just a minor detail but it also means the suspension design is different from the one used on the AT16 and A39

      1. none of that is accurate ^ Turtle was an STT project, not part of Nuffields Tortoise designs. Taurus was also a STT design and its a 17 Pdr not a 180 mm gun (i have all pics of that model front, side, rear) but look at the MB 😛

        1. read it first, I neither wrote it was A or B and definitely did not write it was part of the Nuffield designs, in fact GeneralSoren mentioned the AT16 and I simply tried to show how little it changed until it became A39 and why it is unlikely they are directly related, furthermore the chassis resembles the FV201 quite a bit and that is simply why I mentioned the Taurus

          about the 180mm gun the first time I saw it was on Listy’s blog and there only a 180mm Lillywhite gun is mentioned

  3. Lol that thing looks amazing

    Tortoise but one tier lower.

    I’ll take the 70dmg lower alpha in exchange for the 3000 base alpha at tier 8. You can probably boost that up to almost 4k, and it can meet tier 6 tanks. It’s absolutely insane. The pen isn’t even too bad either, though it will struggle against tier X.

    1. The Badger is one of the best Tier X tank destroyer and my favorite behinde my Foch B

  4. The DPM looks impressive, but the pen is mediocre at best. The are meds, that have better pen and most heavies are better, too. Compared to other TDs is tier 8, the pen is just bad.

    So this is like many other prems: ridiculous against tier 6 and 7 and mediocre to bad against tier 9 and 10.

  5. WG, as always, kills all the birds with one turtle, people at lower tiers will rage quit after being demolished by impenetrable DPM monster, and buyers of this will rage when tier X swallows them whole 9 out of 10 battles.

    That’s balance, folks!

  6. just imagine one of these using all -10 gun depression to increase armor and hitting you for 660 in 5~ seconds.

    1. The only reason i’m not getting this thing, is the penetration. they need to give it pref MM or 230 standard pen. I will not allow myself to suffer in tier 10 every game

    2. Now that i think about it, there are tons of things about this that i hate. This thing is FAR slower than the TS-5 (20/10 vs 26/12) yet the TS-5 has more Health. The TS-5 can survive two 750damage/15cm shots half of the time, in ‘THE TURTLE’ you can bet your ass you are dead after taking the same shots. (1500hp vs 1400hp)

      To make the tank more similar to the tortoise, and to make the tank not so horrible, here is what i recommend;

      Health: 1400 -> 1600 (I think the speed at 10kph reverse speed the tank deserves this.)
      Penetration on standard AP: 217 ->232 (Turretless TD with most likely a obj268 mantle weakspot)
      Penetration on Special APCR: 245 -> 265
      Penetration on High Explosive: 54 -> 85

  7. I can’t figure out which gun it has ? The pen / damage correspond to nothing in the UK line ?

    1. Welcome to modern WG, where gun stats are made up for convenience. They’ve been doing that a lot recently.

  8. none of that is accurate ^ Turtle was an STT project, not part of Nuffields Tortoise designs. Taurus was also a STT design and its a 17 Pdr not a 180 mm gun (i have all pics of that model front, side, rear) but look at the MB 😛

  9. This thing looks adorable, it’s like a young Tortoise that has yet to grow big and strong. :3

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