WoT EU – Discover Global Map’s Season 12


Not a lot of series saw ten seasons, let alone twelve! That’s why we’re extremely proud to introduce Global Map’s Season 12 to you, tankers. From 12 August 2019 at 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) to 13 September 2019 at 10:00 CEST (UTC+2), it’s time to join your clan members in epic battles!

Main Features

This season will be relatively short, we will use it for something big: trying out the 10 versus 10 format on the Global Map.

General Rules

Season Dates, Days Off

From 12 August 2019 at 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) to 13 September 2019 at 10:00 CEST (UTC+2).


Regular, auction, and landing provinces will be available on the Global Map.

The battlefield is divided into zones with various levels of income, including provinces with no income.

There will be a total of 675 (375 on Tier X and 300 on Tier VIII) provinces on the map with ~20% landing and ~5% auction provinces.


Tier X


Abbey Abbey
Cliff Cliff
El Halluf El Halluf
Ensk Ensk
Fisherman’s Bay Fisherman’s Bay
Highway Highway
Himmelsdorf Himmelsdorf
Karelia Karelia
Lakeville Lakeville
Live Oaks Live Oaks
Malinovka Malinovka
Mines Mines
Murovanka Murovanka
Prokhorovka Prokhorovka
Redshire Redshire
Ruinberg Ruinberg
Sand River Sand River
Serene Coast Serene Coast
Siegfried Line Siegfried Line
Steppes Steppes
Tundra Westfield

Landing Tournaments and Auctions

  • Number of applications for landing tournaments: 32
  • Maximum number of active landing applications that can be submitted by a Clan: 6 (if a Clan has at least 90 members with a Tier X vehicle)
  • Clans owning provinces cannot land on the Global Map
  • Clans cannot attack landing provinces by land
  • The province owner does not participate in tournaments on landing provinces, battles in tournaments through auction, nor in attacks by land on their own provinces

First Day, World Redivision

  • All Global Map provinces will be landing provinces on the first day of the season. At the end of Prime Time, provinces will switch to the main mode as per the general rules of the season
  • Number of applications for landing tournaments on the first day of the season: 16
  • If a battle for the landing province ends with a draw, it’ll be counted as a defeat for both challengers

Influence and Divisions

  • Division cost: 0 Influence
  • Division upkeep is free
  • Division modules are enabled for strategic effect

General Settings

  • Penalties are ON
  • “Fog of War” and vehicle freeze time are ON
  • Alliances are ON
  • Clan operations are ON
  • Revolts are ON
  • The maximum number of clan Minor Powers is 3


In Season 12, Clans can earn two sets of rewards.

Set 1: Rewards for the Clan’s position in the Alley of fame. As before, Victory Points are received for Gold earned on the Global Map. Depending on the Clan’s position, its members can receive a style, participation emblems, and medals.

Set 2: Rewards for the Clan’s position on the political leaderboard at the end of the season. The higher the position, the more bonds a Clan receives in its Treasury.


Tier VIII Front

Max. position

Min. position


Style &


Participation emblem and emblem


1 Clan Assault Style Participation Emblem


4 10%
10% 50% N/A N/A

Tier X Front

Max. position

Min. position



Participation emblem and emblem


pin-up Decal

1 “Clan Assault” Style, “Nightfall” Style Participation Emblem



4 10%
10% 50% “Clan Assault” Style N/A
50% 75% N/A N/A N/A


  • One (1) copy of a style is credited per account
  • Six (6) copies of the participant emblem, decal, and badge will be credited per account
  • You need to play at least 5 battles on Global Map during Season 12

Political Leaderboard

Clans will earn bonds in their clan Treasury depending on their position at the end of Season 12.

Bonds in Treasury
1 36,000
2 30,000
3 24,000
4 12 21,000
13 21 18,000
22 30 15,000
31 39 12,000
40 48 9,000
49 57 6,000
58 65 3,000
66 130 1,500
131 195 900

What’s Next?

Once Season 12 is over, the Global Map will be frozen, and the Influence accumulated over the season, as well as the special Alliance Treasuries, will be reset.