WoT EU – Hit and Run With The Lansen C & Lorraine 40 t


If you ever played an RTS, you know what “hit and run” is. And guess what: this doctrine is also valid in World of Tanks. Especially if you battle aboard one of these two great harassing vehicles:

  • Using its speed and agility to sneak around, the Lorraine 40 t will find the best angle and unload its clip in a matter of seconds. Point a target, use your incredible burst damage, run away and repeat! Learn more about this French Tier VIII medium tank in its manual.
  • With a very good acceleration and one of the best alpha damage of all Tier VIII medium tanks, the Lansen C is a different kind of harassing tank, but an efficient one for sure. Move around, use your gun depression and deliver a massive blow before anyone notice – learn the best practices for this one here.

Lorraine 40 t offers

Standard – 39.05 €

  • VIII Lorraine 40 t
  • Garage Slot
  • 100% Trained Crew
  • 3 exclusive styles

Lansen C Offers

Wolf of Odin – 39.99 €

  • VIII Lansen C
  • 1 exclusive 3D style
  • 100% Trained Crew
  • Garage Slot

Standard – 28.45 €

  • VIII Lansen C
  • 100% Trained Crew
  • Garage Slot

2 thoughts on “WoT EU – Hit and Run With The Lansen C & Lorraine 40 t

  1. Lansen C very nice Swedish T8 Premium hits hard with 320 alpha got it really like it, fast little tank gun can be a bit derpy at times but overall nice Premium

    Lorraine 40t?

    sneaking around city shoot enemy less than 50meters, 1200 damage every time, but your now almost dead or on less than 50% health ……….

    Very badly fucked over with Wargame 25% RNG shooting over 150 meters
    from your \’high accuracy gun\’

    1st shell flies to the moon every time

    2nd shell 50/ 50 maybe its hits but bounces or likely hits the dirt or the barn door?
    3rd shell penetrates as its should do
    4th shell may penetrate (stay fully aimed or else) giving you 2 shells out of 4 that did something

    On average 600 damage from the 1200 you should have had,,,, come on WG its shit!

    then wait 32 seconds re-load, to get frustrated all over again

    1. Lorraine will let you down only if you try to snapshot or fire on the move, you need to fully aim for those shots to hit (and in fairness, even then sometimes you\’ll get trolled because French guns, but that\’s RNG). This applies to pretty much all autoloaders.

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