WoT – Try a New Frontline Map and More with 1.6’s CT 2


There’s a new edition of the Update 1.6‘s Common Test coming up. Starting today, 25 July, you can jump into it to discover our latest changes, as well as one massive introduction: a new map for the upcoming episodes of Frontline.

Be the First to Try A New Frontline Map

A new map for the Frontline mode, dubbed “Kraftwerk”, has just entered open testing. The rules are familiar to you: there are six zones (bases) to defend or capture, and five large guns (the main targets) for the attackers to destroy.

The new map is set in the suburbs of a post-WWII Central European city during winter. Here, you can battle it out in open patches with complex terrain, small towns, ruins of old castles, military bunkers, and more.

The map’s centerpiece is a “kraftwerk”, the German term for “power station”, with imposing cooling towers.

The first line of defense is chiefly made up of city blocks complemented by wide-open passages and approaches. Here, close-to-mid-range fighting will predominantly take place.

The second defense line includes spacious open grounds, featuring dramatic terrain changes at the flanks that favor bold and swift moves to take tactically advantageous positions. The power station in the middle of the map is one of the most densely built-up parts of the locale.

The last defense line where the crucial targets are located consists of a mixed landscape with varied terrain shapes. Here you’ll face military bunkers that constitute one of the map’s unique traits. And, fancy that, so large they are, you can enter them to fight right inside.

The balance and looks mentioned aren’t set in stone yet as the map is still in the works. If we’re happy with the test results, Kraftwerk will supplement the World of Tanks maps gallery in September’s episode of Frontline.