World of Tanks – new Frotlines map Kraftwerk

New map for Frontlines called “Kraftwerk” is almost ready. Winter, European, 9 km² or 3×3 km. This is a former map under the working title “Suburbia”. Added to the game files in the update 1.6, but the release should occur in the month of September.

The “Kraftwerk” map for the “Front line” mode has been switched to open testing. The rules are already familiar to you: there are six zones (bases) on the map that need to be defended or captured, and five main targets that the attackers are trying to destroy.

The theme of the map is winter around the central European city after the Second World War. You will be able to fight with the enemy in open areas with a complex landscape, in small towns, ruins of castles and military bunkers.
In the center of the map is a power station with impressive cooling towers. Hence the name of the card: “Kraftwerk” in German means “power station”.

Before you boot screen, minimap, a clean large map and music location under the authorship: Andrei Klimka and Andrei Kulik.