World of Tanks Homefront – Maps, Unique Styles, Medals.

In total Homefront will consist of 5 maps:

  • Sand river
  • Prokhorovka
  • Fisherman’s bay
  • Studzyanki
  • Ensk

These are already familiar locations, only for PvE, however they are slightly shortened. Loading screeens were cut out for budget purposes.

New medal

Holding the Line – Win 10 battles in Homefront event.


New patch

Border Guard – Succesfully play in all of the divisions during Homefront event.



Unique style rewards

3 unique styles:

 Old Ironsides – Camouflage applied in the 1st US Tank Division. During World War II, this unit fought in Tunisia, Algeria and Italy.
Historical. Only on US vehicles (any tier). Price: 750 gold (not for sale).

“Desert Rats” (Desert Rats) – Camouflage coloring applied in the 7th tank division of the British. This compound took an active part in the West African campaign in the Second World War and for the successes in which it received the nickname “Desert Rats”.
Historical. Only on British vehicles (any tier). Price: 750 gold (not for sale).

1st Guards Field Army – Camouflage coloring used in the 1st Guards Tank Red Banner Army, which was commanded by Mikhail Katukov during the Great Patriotic War. The army took part in the Battle of Kursk, the Berlin offensive operation and other battles.
Historical. Only on russian tanks (any tier). Price: 750 gold (not for sale).