0 thoughts on “WoT 1.6 – All new customization items

    1. as long as the mass murderer Stalin is glorified in the game… \”For Stalin\”…..

    2. I agree.
      Now that nazi symbolism law in computer games has changed, it should be uncensored and available for free for everyone.

        1. Kids like you shouldn\’t play war games anyway.
          For us adults it should even be default on German tanks for historical accuracy.

          1. As you want to determine who is allowed to play the game and who isn\’t I can see that you want to have the Nazi flag.

            1. You agree that kids should play games where people kill each other? Are you sick?
              And you call me the nazi, oh the irony…

      1. Drummond must be the worst of all the Dinger losers. Miserable wn8 and abysmal damage….yet he tries to ‘statpad’ in his tier 3 PZ II J (fourth most played tank/600 battles/250 avg dmg)…and even with that op tank and all goldspam he totally sucks lol

        Advice, uninstall.

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