World of Tanks patch 1.6 – testing in July, release in August

Patch 1.6 will be a special one – WG promises to bring new events and bringing quality of life changes to the table. One of which – disabled team damage. (Counter strike) 1.6 is not too far away, and it will surely be great patch.

Note: Patch 1.6 will also add new premium tanks like the tier 8 T54E2 to the client.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks patch 1.6 – testing in July, release in August

  1. aha…i have a really bad feeling since they mentioned CS 1.6…

    game already feels like CS…probably will be more and more like this. Disgusting !

    CS is NOT a game for tanks…and WoT is more and more like CS…

    1. You realize that counterstike is what they are calling team damage (or at least their fix to it) right? It is NOT the name of the update.

      1. most known CS is CS 1.6 πŸ™‚
        since this update is 1.6 thats why they called it CS

        and unfortunately…the coincidence is big enough…WoT is very simmilar with CS already

        its not the name of the update of course..its just \”a joke\”…one wich can be very true unfortunately

  2. If the removal of team damage goes through we\’ll have a lot of idiot kids complaining their fun (TK\’ing arty, firing at each other when in platoon, etc.) has been taken away. I look forward to this.

    Also, here\’s hoping T54E2 comes as a regular premium, even a marathon one, and not some reward or other bullshit.

    1. Here\’s hoping WG pulls their head out of their asses and doesn\’t waste the T54E2 as a heavy premium instead of it being part of a second MT line

      1. T54E1 already exists as an alternative to the M46 Patton. Blame WG for placing it as the only medium in a line of lights that ends with a heavy.

  3. I really hope they won\’t remove team damage as it will screw up the whole game.

    1. So you support killing your allies because reasons? If anything it would help the game..

      1. I doub\’t anyone with a brain supports any sort of team dmg/kills. The problem comes when for example thee is one imbecile (or more) ally that pushes you infront of enemys, he prob won\’t be punished atall, or pushing allies off cliffs, fliping them over( all the way not just on side) etc. No team dmg sounds really nice (I mean in FL is so nice that there is no team dmg) but in randoms, idk, if Wg implements it they really need to take it more seriously and actually create a sistem to ban these idiots that pushes/flip you etc.

      1. i\’m not a tomato but i hate xvm because i always got xvm sniped by arty, so for me it will be a good thing if they will remove xvm

        1. nothing solved, just limited
          thats the problem

          limited or not is still fkin P2W and imbalanced. thats why must disappear

          we need different ammo not premium ammo

          1. Remove it and then stupid armored tanks beat everyone, the issue isn\’t just the ammo, is the whole game design and its direction the last few years. I\’m pretty sure they don\’t really know what to do with this mess they have created.

            1. Wrong. Why do you think that high penetration ammo has to be labeled as a premium item? If we really need high penetration rounds, then make the high penetration rounds cost the same as regular rounds, i.e. remove premium ammo. In order to prevent people from spamming it on everything, give high penetration rounds downsides against targets with little armor, for example mechanics like overpenetration.

                1. The wrong part is \”Remove it and then stupid armored tanks beat everyone\” πŸ™‚
                  Because premium ammo can be removed, but if they instead add high penetration rounds as standard ammo, people will still be able to penetrate armored tanks πŸ™‚

                  1. Except I never said anything about adding high pen rounds as standard, which isn\’t a solution anyway.

                    1. Exactly, and that\’s why I wrote that you\’re wrong πŸ™‚ The point is, premium ammo is not needed in the game. Anyone saying that is can\’t be removed is wrong, because premium ammo and high penetration ammo is two completely different things. Premium ammo can be removed, while removing high penetration rounds is discussible πŸ™‚

                2. i never said that AMMO must be removed, i said that its p2w PREMIUM CONCEPT must disappear !
                  theres a big difference

            2. Yea it\’s a mess alright. The heavily armored tanks are the result of the premium ammo spam. And the premium ammo spam was the result of the sigma nerf. I miss being able to hit cupola shots reliably when you aim in, instead of the randomness that it is today.

          2. so what would be this \”different\” ammo you talk about?something with higher penetration but less alpha that cost more than regular ammo? isn\’t that pay2win too? people complain that gold spamming is the cancer of the game: I offer easy solution to it(by limiting the amount tanks can carry you limit gold spamming)…..and I do know it can be bought for credits and not gold but it will be always called \”gold ammo\”…..and with the amount of credits WG is throwing at us most people can afford it……now certain premium tanks and map design on the other hand-well that is the white elephant in the room no one is talking about

            1. The cost should not be different. That\’s the whole pay-2-win aspect. And as long as some ammo types cost a lot more players will always perceive them as pay-2-win. By limiting the amount of premium ammo, you\’re not solving the problem, you\’re reducing the problem. It\’s a lazymans approach that will come with a lot of other unforseen problems.

              1. p2w is just an excuse used by bad players not good enough to earn the credits needed to use ammo and consumables.

                1. You do realise that you pretty much explained yourself why this is a problem that needs to be solved? It doesn\’t matter if we call it P2W or not, the core of the problem lays in the fact that an item that is required to play the game should not be a premium item.

            2. no genius…different ammo do not means balanced options but with PREMIUM COSTS !
              Means with AROUND SAME PRICE and only them you can use it as a tactical choice, strategic, skill based..knowledge…etc etc. ONLY THEN. That means DIFFERENT AMMO, not fkin P2W where your main decision factor is \” CAN I AFFORD IT OR NOT?\”

              yes, players complain about this idiotic mechanic first because is completely fuckin inbalanced (no drawbacks STILL) and second because its p2w due to PREMIUM PRICES.

              now after all this should i remember you how that premium ammo price is calculated?? Remember when was available for gold only? And after that they made it available for credits too??
              How many credits worth 1 gold? 400 is the answer…
              and that fkin premium ammo credits price is calculated after their old gold price.
              that means in short words : PREMIUM PRICE.

          3. If you think gold ammo is pay to win you\’re not only trash, you\’re idiotic trash. It\’s purchasable by credits which are EASILY earned without even a premium account. With the amount of credits they\’ve been giving away via Frontlines I could afford to run 100% gold ammo in every tank I play between frontlines events.

              1. And what is the excuse for simple minded people that use 3 different email addresses when posting in a comment section? πŸ˜€

            1. If you don\’t have premium account and premium tanks you get shit for credits. Even if premium ammo is not strictly pay 2 win it still heavily incentivizes buying shit from WG. If you don\’t think it\’s a problem you need a brain exam.

            2. the only thing trash here are peoples wich want to have an advantage over others with their…wallet ! πŸ˜‰
              (or moms card…depending by situation)
              and wich are stupid enough to not see the entire picture

  4. One of which – disabled team damage.???
    In……….. REGULAR TOO?

    Sweet lord, i don\’t want to be pushed by a suicidal 12 HP retard!!
    Regular teamkillers should not be able OR … USE THAT FREAKING WOWS SYSTEM!!!!?????

    Thats just great why not USE WHATS WORKING!?

    1. Great so now you can block allies with 0 consequences.

      Why not just use the Wows delayed Mirror system. That works like a charm.

  5. Personally I have mixed feelings about the removal of team damage. For example, I\’m really glad that some idiots can\’t shoot their allies just because they play in a way that they don\’t approve. On the other hand, I don\’t like that some troll with low HP can now spend the rest of the batle on trolling others without getting shot. Today we can get rid of trolls like that, but if they remove team damage, these trolls will have full party without restrictions.

    1. Yup, I agree with that, it will be a mess, it will lead to platoon or solo bot players/trolls intentionaly losing games etc, and if they are a oneshot and they push you all the time and what not, for example you can\’t kill them, I mean I really like the \”no team dmg\” in FL quite a bit, simply because you can respawn so if one idiot pushes you infront of enemys and you die is not that big of a deal (prob the bext FL feature), but in randoms, oof, it will be really game changing and prob into worst.

  6. I just had a game tonight where a teammate (medium) was blocking another (Hetzer) from moving. Because if it’s light weight and mobility the Hetzer was just being pushed around. Finally he had enough and one shotted the teammate. Problem solved. Sucks but what can you do when someone is literally just pushing you around as a joke?

  7. I still dissaprove of disabling team damage because it only enables trolls. Someone doesn\’t like you they just push you out into the open, blocks you, etc knowing there is nothing you can do about it.

    Literally the ONLY sort of team damage that should be disabled is from artillery.

    1. I even disagree on disabling teamdamage for arty. players can use their mind and should do so. don\’t disable teamdange, but create a (hefty) penalty. right now its more of a nuisance. people should watch their shots. and yes, accidents still happen (driving into each other or someone driving into the shot).

      but as long as those are accidents, it does not matter. people doing teamdamage on purpose would suffer, though.

      The WoWs-system does work, as others already wrote: why not use that one?

  8. Still no tanks for bonds. Liars at wargaming. But more premium tanks geez. Also 2 months is a long time.

  9. You mean I wont get shot for 90% of my HP in the first 30 seconds of the battle by a mongoloid with 41% win rate? Nice. I can\’t tell you how many games were ruined by retards shooting me. There are still assholes that abuse the game physics and push ppl and block them. But removing team damage like in frontlines is a start.

  10. Good idea, remove team damage, this way you have no option whatsoever when a retard blocks you, pushes you or tries to block your shots.

    No team damage = you\’re at the mercy of griefers.

    Intentional TK is very rarely for the sole purpose of annoying people, usually it\’s to fight trolls instead. If they remove it it means people can just ruin your game and you have to let them do it.

    Meanwhile arty still gets to fire in the middle of allies stunning all of them just for 20dmg to an enemy tank in return. And now that they don\’t cause team damage they get even less chances of being blue.
    I\’m gonna start team killing the fuck out of them after this patch, they deserve it. Better to lose an arty at the start than to be stunned by friendly fire down the line. They still haven\’t figured a fix for making arties splash themselves.

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