0 thoughts on “WoT – Panther: The Rise & Fall – Episode 3

  1. What kind of BS is this??? I have hardly seen one Panther Tank in the whole video….
    Except from the Panther from the museum scenes, they only show us Tiger I and everything older.

  2. Please refrain from insults and/or racism when you comment. Wargaming has the ability to track your IP on this site and link it to your account on our servers. And take the appropriate action depending of the severity of the comment made here.

    Happy hunting!


    1. Pathetic comment. So now we\’re not allowed to have an strong opinion on a really poor and boring series of videos you make. What is WG? Big brother?

  3. Despite that, thank you for the warning eekeeboo.

    It reminds me once more why I use a VPN…. and (of course) not posting with my WOT username.


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