Subwars Event Bonus Codes (EU)

Subwars ‘The Beginning’ is coming on 16.06.2019 at 18:00 CEST, the first battle will take place between Dakillzor & SirFoch. Subwars is a player initiative and WG has supported the concept by having prizes to giveaway during the event. There are also privately donated prizes for viewers/players. The website for full details is Important to note whilst WG is supporting the event it is run by players and all questions should be through the discord to Svitman / David.

These codes should be live this afternoon (UPDATE: THEY WORK):



The codes give 2x or 4x +200% XP for 1h personal reserves, depending if the player guesses the victor.


15 thoughts on “Subwars Event Bonus Codes (EU)

  1. A strange lineup, a CC vs a former CC (wich was kicked out on no uncertain terms and has stated to have no intention to return, even if it was offered), a CW veteran with all the OP reward tanks to his disposal (and used to run his tanks full-gold) vs a person who hates the use of gold ammo and tries to never use is, assuming he will do it in this macht too i don’t see how this can even be described a match in the first place…

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  2. You are just being toxic, and what also bothers me, not only you didnt read the info on website, but you didnt even read the full post here.

    1st – is run mainly by me, WG’s support came after, and ita only in prizes/rewards, not organisation, it would happen anyway, like last 4 times

    2nd – there are no reward tanks in games, so what does it matter if one has them all

    3rd – there are 14 other players in the game, picked from twitch subscribers, one person not firing gold doesnt matter that much

    4th – CC stuff, like before, its run by me, i asked streamers i have connection to (mod on Daki’s channel, Foch is friend of marty [mod on marty’s channel]) maybe next time its two CC or two not-CC

    IF you have a criticism, feel free to hop on our discord and let me know, but if you are just mean because you dont like Daki, just keep it to yourself and enjoy free boosters

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