World of Tanks 1.5.1 – Patton KR is being replaced with T92

That’s right folks, Wargaming has given us clues that Patton KR will be removed, and now it is getting replaced with the T92 light tank. Hope you had your chances to get the Korean as it’s likely it won’t return anytime soon.


20 thoughts on “World of Tanks 1.5.1 – Patton KR is being replaced with T92

  1. inb4 the M46 Korean will get some significant buffs while removed, and will be later reintroduced with big fanfare like what happened with the JT 8.8 :p


    1. Patton KR was not always in the tech tree for gold. And was buffed with 2x mantle armor before it was added to the tech tree for gold at the same patch as the JT 88 came. Tho if anything that will be buffed on it. I suspect it will be the pen when the rest of the US meds gets buffed. As atm the tier 8 med with the most pen… is a pref MM tank. If the US meds are in the global rebalance on tier 8 + this time around.


  2. Interesting that the T92 is the only tank that was aviable in the referral program and wasn’t in the techtree. Now it is. Does that mean that the referral program will only feature tech-tree tanks? And in that case, which LT will they add when the next period starts? 🙂


      1. Seems the troll is back again… Finished homework and now you’re bored? :/
        And before anyone say it, it was not me who wrote that eekeeboo post, I might have been annoyed at him before, but I’ve moved along now.


            1. Falcon, feel free to join the Dingers. You are worthy – 90-95% gold loadout and no weak spot aiming (I learned that from watching your replays)


  3. In as much as my uncle apparently served in the battalion in Korea that made that paint scheme famous I always liked it…but not quite enough to buy since I already had several T8 premium American mediums.


      1. Its nothing special nowadays. Still decent on tier 8, but otherwise nothing to write home about.
        I mean, there are better tier 8 premiums if you are not specificially looking for US medium premium.


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