Skill4ltu – Biggest game breaking bug, or Wargaming is cheating?!

Popular European/Russian server player and one of best players overall Skill4ltu has released a new video, that sheds some insight to a relatively new problem in World of Tanks, short lagspikes that seemingly appear only when certain conditions are met.

Without jumping into conclusions, Skill has provided enough evidence that the problem could be brought to more light and an official response would be given. The video is definitely worth the watch to form your own opinion on the matter.

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  1. I am facing this problem since I \”learned\” to play, at first I thought IT was due to nervous situations, that my hands were trembling, but I have learnt to overcome this. Now my ping goes wild almost all the time I meet unicums and streamers. I have quite stable connection otherwise. If WG posts any official respond they Are gonna say it must be coincidence. The same way they say 15:0 battles doesnt exist.

    1. \”The same way they say 15:0 battles doesnt exist.\”

      They\’ve never said this.

      \”I am facing this problem… Now my ping goes wild…\”

      Bullshit, they\’ve said it in the video that their ping is normal.

      1. That ping meter is stuck at some low number but I can pretty much see the difference.

  2. with Wargame NOTHING surprises me nothing!

    as each year goes bye WG gets a little better each time, a little not a lot
    there still a bunch of lying and money grabbing shits at heart (maybe a Russian thing who knows

  3. A theory – all because of wheeled vehicles. Back in the 8. something patches there was an issue with light tanks not being spotted on time if they were driving too fast, which could have been related to server tick rate – the intervals at which the server checks whether a vehicle is spotted and then sends that info to the rest of the players. One option to fix that would be to increase tick rate, which places load not only on the server but the player\’s CPU and connection as it takes time to decode that info. There is a reason WoT\’s requirements were high for what the game was before the 1.0 version. And now with wheeled vehicles which aren\’t nearly as predictable due to their tiny turning radius + high speeds it takes even more processing power.
    In the video, skill is using a wheeled vehicle, he was likely using it in the reports as well. I have had this issue too.
    This lag might also be coming from the shell drop auto-compensation, because it is also not a simple process. Registers the player firing, takes the enemy\’s position, adjusts for range and the server has to take into account the shell travel time.
    In the end, it might be because of our connections.

  4. This testing process was nothing but garbage.

    Nobody considered the delay from VOIP, the different ping values from across the continent or the different reaction times of different people. Also nobody was monitoring their connection to the server to see if there were packet losses or ping spikes.

    1. In the video at one point you can clearly hear the click of the mouse and the shot went only a second afterwards. And even with bad voip ping the sound of the mouse would not come that long before the shot, that would actually mean the lag is even worse than what we hear

  5. Interesting case for further investigation. Messaged him with the below as well

    First thing is not to use Discord or TS to issue shoot command, because of latency issues.

    Although for a good test, all variables that could add perceptive and true latency increases should be brought down to a minimum.

    Other things for instance:
    – participant internet connectivity to WG server.
    Select only participants with equal connectivity to WG server. Same ping to servers and in game.

    – participants physical reaction time.
    Use a online test to determine participants reaction times, use players with equal reaction times.

    With the above.
    – use the in game 15min timer to time the test shots.
    The timer should be synchronised for everyone in the game session, thus eliminating latancy if everyone has equal connectivity and equal reaction times.

    This will eleminate a lot of things that increases perceived latency and will give a better indication if something is indeed happening and to what extend.

    1. I\’ve told someone once already but no we not gonna do it again. We showed it pretty accurately the issue exists. There is even a part which i recorded where voice chat isn\’t even involved. WG can test this all they want, we dont have the time nor the resources to do it for them. Sad, but its the truth.

  6. Some time ago I heard from a very reliable source that streamer accounts with big audience get special treatment like less RNG. That lag thing must be new though, but I wouldn\’t be surprised if it was generated artificially to let WoT look like an awesome game to the audience.
    If you watched a lot of streams like I did, I think you have also ntoiced that the big players hit suspiciously often (specially those \”lucky\” pixel shots).

    1. pixel shots are easier than they appear, especially firing at the top of the enemy, as your aim circle isn\’t applying the shell falloff or whatever. this is shown if you use any tank with an arty mod.

    2. I also notice that when a streamer shots i say nah he miss, but somehow he still reaching the enemy tank.

  7. Still… no one has run a plotter trace when they did those training rooms with skill to see where the lag is occurring. As if they want to prove anything, they should figure out the source first. If it\’s actually WG at all. As if there is no lag shown even there? Well…

  8. Always wondered if WOT high profile streamers/players had a \”preferential account\” that allowed them to hit/pen or enemies miss/bounce more often than the average player.

  9. This test in the video is not very useful, but its worth to investigate this issue. However, I don\’t like the conclusion that he is threated with some better rng or bonus. It might be related to something you don\’t have in mind yet. Specific camo/flag combination, specific tank setup.

    In other games I just noticed such things. Game crashes when someone else nearby had a specific item or a specific skin.

    1. Worth looking into but when they had the big group of people a quarter of them were firing before he even said 1.. so testing needs fixing bad.

      Use ingame timer and cameras showing they\’re actually clicking when they\’re supposto instead of just having horridly delayed reactions.

  10. they took down the video …
    WG sure is guilty on this otherwise they woulden\’t do such a bold move

    1. I just watched the video like litterally 2 minutes ago. They\’ve not taken it down.

    1. Looks like simple a packet loss to be honest. The shots aren\’t the only one which are delayed, but the server crosshair is delayed too.

  11. Hmm, interesting. I\’m not saying that Skill4ltu is wrong about this, but I would have prefered a bit more exact measurement. For example, there could have been other stuff involved here like voicecom lag, player reaction time, etc. It would have been better if they simply measured the amounts of frames between the mouse click and the actual gunshot. And then compared it to players being on his team or the enemy team. As I said, I\’m not saying that Skill4ltu is wrong, just that I\’d have measured it in a different way 🙂

  12. Same, in battle against pro player lags. When i went closer to him. Lucky three is proof that WOT is scam.

  13. I have experienced this also, but never associated it with any specific player. Given that MM seems to stack teams when certain uni players/clans are in queue, I would not be surprised if this was something that is.

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