Claim Care Package Echo with Twitch Prime!

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Once again, Twitch Prime and World of Tanks are teaming up, with even more sweets for you, including an exclusive tank — Captured King Tiger with unique 3D customization! You can grab it and more goodies from May 30 May to July 1. Take a look at the Echo Package below to explore and claim your rewards!


  • Captured King Tiger — the American Tier VII Heavy tank
  • Unique 3D customization style
  • 100%Crew
  • Garage Slot

VIII Strv S1   *

Temporary Garage Slot

100% Crew

VII AMX 13 57    *

Temporary Garage Slot

100% Crew

  • An exclusive U.S. commander, Hank “The Tank” Morgan, with a Sixth Sense (as a “zero-Skill” Perk), Jack of All Trades Skill, and Repairs Skill
  • 10 Large Repair Kits
  • 10 missions: ×5 XP for Victory (after the first daily Victory bonus has been used up)
  • A special Beyond the Call Service medal.
  • 1 Day WoT Premium Account
* You will get a nice discount on purchasing these vehicles with the start of the rental period — 15% discount for the Strv S1 and 40% discount for AMX 13 57!

Claim Eligibility:

The Captured King Tiger will be granted to tankers who:

  • Are Twitch Prime members (i.e., have Twitch Prime subscription)
  • Have their and Twitch accounts linked in the Account Management page
  • Claimed Captured King Tiger on the offer page*

* To have the tank credited to your game account, please launch the game after claiming the tank. If you’re already in the game, please log in once again.


  • If you claimed the tank once, there’s no need to re-claim it every month when a new content package gets revealed.
  • If you discontinue your Twitch Prime membership, the tank will become unavailable for battle, but will not be removed.
  • If you unlink your Twitch and accounts, the tank together with the Slot will be removed from your account. Crew will be sent to the Barracks; 3D style to the Storage.
  • All other content items from a Care Package (should be claimed separately) remain. To return the tank you’ll have to become a Twitch Prime member again. The tank will be granted back to you, but you’ll have to manually recruit the Crew and install the 3D style.


All of the following missions are active during these dates and times:
MISSIONS BEGIN: MAY 30, 02:00 PT | 04:00 CT | 05:00 ET
MISSIONS END: JULY 1, 02:00 PT | 04:00 CT | 05:00 ET

Missions Echo: 1st Reward, Echo: 2nd Reward, Echo: 3rd reward and missions Echo: 4th Reward and Echo: 5th Reward can be completed simultaneously.
After claiming the package and logging into the game, it can take up to one hour until the goods are credited to your account.

About Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime gives members a selection of free PC games every month, free in-game loot for the world’s largest games, and a premium experience on Twitch that includes a free channel subscription every 30 days, exclusive chat colors, and emotes.

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  1. \”You will get a nice discount on purchasing these vehicles with the start of the rental period — 15% discount for the Strv S1 and 40% discount for AMX 13 57!\”

    I didn\’t get any discount..

    1. Go to the WG portal the Premium Shop
      click on it
      go to – Specials

      scroll down and towards the bottom you will see both

      they have \’Exclusive\’ 15% & 30% in the description and are available throughout the Echo Package dateline

      try looking and reading a bit hmm?

  2. If you get the King Tiger (captured) with a Twitch Prime trial account (like I have), do you get to keep it after the trial period?

  3. No you don\’t ~ its a Subscription Vehicle available for as long as you continue paying for the Amazon / Twitch monthly subscription, so a recurring monthly subscription is required

    if your not subscribing then its shown in the Garage but! the red \’Battle\’ button is greyed out so unable to play it
    So you can see it in the Garage but that\’s all, nothing else.

    if you re-subscribe (cash) it becomes fully available to play again

    nothing is really \’Free\’ with WG

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