M46 Patton KR Store Withdrawal

The American M46 Patton KR will disappear from the in-game store with the introduction of the 1.5.1 update. However, it will still be available in the premium store.

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    1. I guess it\’s because xmas boxes completely broke gold economy. They may buff it and they will earn more money selling it for full price than letting people use in game golds – which were acquired at quarter of price or so.

  1. Probably gonna buff it at some point to where people are willing to spend money on it (Make it broken) and thus don\’t want just anyone to get one at any time…

    If my 8 years experience in WoT dealing with how they do premium tanks tells me anything it\’s that…

    1. Between today and the 22.nd of June.
      Because they introduce Crewbooks with 1.5.1 and this is the first event where they mention these abominations.

      My guess is the 3.rd iteration of the common test just started; if that ends, about 10 to 14 days later.
      So the introduction would be sometimes between the 10.th and the 22.nd of June.

  2. y tho
    There is litteraly no reason to remove any premium tank from the ingame shop, most of them are useless and don\’t have a replacement. This one doesnt even have premium MM…

  3. Oh well, looks I won\’t be trading my T34 for the M46 after all, which leaves the Super Pershing as my only option. So many premium tanks and WG only puts a few in the tech tree, leaving the rest in the shop to milk the cash cows.

      1. I don\’t think the M46K is that much better. You have very good dispersion for snapshots and… what else? Good hp/t but terrible ground resistance so they counter each other, no armor (except a few places on the mantlet) with bad camo, and a gun that by current Tier 8 standards is a peashooter (we have LTs with better guns by now).

  4. I would buy this if it had normal paint, not this horrible clown camo, historical may it be.

    WG just can\’t overcome own stupidity, make skins removable so people can spend more on camouflage.

  5. I love how dumb wargaming is . They just got done saying how players wanted more tanks for gold and then they remove one . This is just proof wargaming will do the opposite of what we want ALWAYS. All well already have it got it for gold so whatever but still stupid things wargaming all the issues and this is what your spending time worrying about geezus. I hope it gets buffed its a pile of sht.

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