0 thoughts on “WoT – Care Package Echo with Twitch Prime

  1. Got mine. And it\’s not a rental, it\’s forever. Good tank and camo. So this is the last care package? 🙁

    1. not forever, it says that the tank is only playable while you have the subscription activated.

    2. technically it is forever, but the tank is only playable if you have twitch prime, but if amazon and twitch are ever to cancel their partnership then it will be in your garage forever

    1. It\’s sad but that\’s how WG works. Germans get VK4503 which is blueprint Tiger II while Americans get real Tiger II.

  2. It says that if you cancel the subscription the tank will stay in your garage, but you are unable to play with it. Claimed mine about hour ago and still not received it and the commander.

  3. This kind of stinks for those who only have Twitch Prime sporadically. I would like to buy the tank itself than subscriptions. Subs should be for prem time, not tanks

  4. Yeah that is true, i would also buy the tank from store rather than keep the amazone prime that i do not need for anything else than wot prime loot

  5. And WG continues the trend to make their premium tanks better than the tech tree counterparts :/

    1. Ive played the Tiger II C. And while it is nice, having strong armor. It still suffers the same problems as its tier 8 counterpart.
      And the Tiger 1 still has far better DPM.
      Like all German tanks. IT requires a couple brain cells to play well. Its not idiot proof like the Ruskie tanks.

    2. The Tiger 1 still has insane dpm, the KT only has armor going for it really. Which is good, but in this specific case the premium is by no means better than the tech tree variant but just different (in the case of the American tree, T29 is king, the 105mm and insane turret are way superior).

    3. Tiger 2 (C) Premium
      for Twitch Prime / Amazon Prime (same Company) members at £7.80 month

      Its only better as it has real armour the Tiger 2 stock config (when angled
      its also 10hp tonne power to weight 70 tonnes, so Slowwwww to move anywhere

      The Tiger 1 at tier 7 has around 40% more dpm (same gun) that a HUGE positive difference
      and it has 12,2 power to weight 60 tonnes

      however the best thing is the new Commander free with 3 perks

      nice to moan – and not know what you talk about, isn\’t it?

      1. I know perfectly fine what I\’m talking about, do you? Or do you just have this way of replying to \”moan\” just because you don\’t agree with it?
        I wasn\’t comparing the captured Königstiger to the Tiger, I compared it to the tier 8 Königstiger in the German tech tree. They both have the same armor model. I would gladly say bye to the unhistorical 105 mm gun and play on one tier lower where the armor actually works decently.

  6. The only reason that i have Twitch prime is my Amazon Prime. But i would really rather buy the Tank instead of leasing it. Even a certain amount of Twitch Prime to get it is better than that.

  7. So many of my fellow Germans are crying cuz it’s an american Tank. I don\’t get, it‘s a good Tiger II bro, just take it, don‘t complain…

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