0 thoughts on “Black Market Day 8: IS-6 Black

  1. Went for gold probably due to it being a preferential mm tank :/ Oh well. Sold my grille15 for this. But what can you do, i god 3 t8 premiums for free basically.No complaints.

    1. No, it\’s because they had to sell the t34 two times in a row because of a bug on russian server.
      Would have been too expensive for wg to give away so many premiums for free.

      1. no problemo, you got some free premium tanks, and you can always rebuy your sold tanks. it was still a good deal . and i\’m happy that i didn\’t wait for is6 🙂

              1. Lol I already have the Foch B if thats what your talking about, I LOVE IT so much

  2. Would have made a deal if they offered the IS-3A for this price. Not worth it for an IS-6 😛

  3. Waiting for this all time of market and First day I am at work at 6:00 they put it in market :/

      1. So, I think if I will wait for changing premium tanks and sold amx49 from recruit program I will save more golds.
        It is a pity they did not sell it for credits like T34

  4. Meh, I never liked Stalin anyway. On the bright side, at least now we know what\’s coming last (I think).

  5. Disappointing. Was looking forward to getting the IS6 for credits. But its not a huge loss. CAX was probably the best deal on Black Market as far as T8 premium heavies. I got the CAX, and a backup T34B for a possible future Trade-in.

  6. 8000 gold = 30 € (instead of 42.69)
    So its basically a 30% discount…

    Honestly, its a freaking good over… given you have the moneys.

    1. Not really, it is 30 eur thrown away.
      It is a terrible tank.
      5yrs ago, it was OK. Now, forget it.
      For credits, it would ve OK to buy, just to have it in your collection, thats all.

  7. 8k gold for an IS-6 sounds like a nice deal but with how powercreeped the tank is that\’s ho estly what the price should be these days.

  8. I wasnt sure if it was having one more tomorrow at 5 with them all being kicked further along with the T34B

  9. disgusting….i really wanted this one for CREDITS…i literaly woked up at this stupid hour for just an disappointment…

    but its ok…im still happy with all others

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