Tier VIII Vehicles Can Now Join Grand Battles! (EU)

Source: EU Portal
Update 29/05: We’re now testing the Tier VIII Grand Battles in live conditions. Depending on our and your feedback, we will have two options: integrate the Tier VIII Grand Battles into one of the upcoming updates or go back to the original state of the game mode. We will keep you updated, of course! Roll out!

Good news for all who enjoy large-scale battles! We just added the ability to enjoy Grand Battles with Tier VIII machines, as well as Tier X vehicles. This is a great opportunity to hone your skills, earn epic medals, and play on huge maps with diverse landscapes. Take part in heroic clashes, earn even more experience and credits, and prove to your adversaries that you’re the best on the battlefield!

A quick recap of the main features of Grand Battles:

  • When: Starting from 30 May for Tier VIII and still Tier X!
  • Mode: Random Battles (Grand Battles are available alongside Standard, Encounter, and Assault modes)
  • Teams: Up to 30 players on each side
  • Vehicles: Tier VIII and X only. All battles are one-tier only (Tier VIII machines play only against adversaries of Tier VIII, and Tier X vehicles only face tanks of Tier X)
  • Maps: Klondike, Nebelburg, and Hinterland
  • Restrictions: A limit of 3 SPGs and 7 tank destroyers per team
  • Objectives: Capture the enemy base or destroy all enemy vehicles

To get matched into Grand Battles, tick the box shown below in your game-client settings.

To make it easier for you to succeed on the battlefield, we’ve prepared brief reviews of all three maps on which Grand Battles are played. These gameplay tips will help you choose the right tactics and take advantage of the terrain.


A winter map that immerses you in the atmosphere of the snow-covered mountains of Canada and Alaska. Battles in this location take place on:

  • The bridge in the center of the map
  • The mine in the Northwest
  • The island in the Southeast

Thanks to the many buildings and the abundance of cover on this map, most vehicles will feel right at home in this location.

The Bridge (Central Area)

This zone is a place of positional struggle. Here, heavy tanks can repel attacks of the opposing team, and fast medium vehicles will look to breakthrough the enemy’s defense or try to flank their adversaries. You’ll also find plenty of hiding spots for SPGs and tank destroyers, perfect for laying down fire while remaining hidden.

The Mine (Northwest)

A key feature of this area is the many narrow passages between buildings. Heavy tanks will be able to cross them, while medium and light vehicles will be forced to look for workarounds to attack from the flank. TDs and SPGs can take defensive positions on high ground along the edge of the map and support their team, potentially causing massive damage to enemies.

The Island (Southeast)

In this zone, heavy vehicles lead the attack, and medium tanks unleash their full potential. Thanks to great amount of cover and rough terrain, mediums can play on the first line along with heavy tanks. TDs will feel at home on the second line, where they will be able to support their team by preventing any breakthroughs in this direction.


A summer map offering a wide variety of landscapes. It can be divided into three main areas:

  • The castle in the center;
  • The town with watchtowers on a hill in the Northwest;
  • The hilly plains in the Southeast.

As with most maps, the loss of just one of the above areas can lead to a defeat, so your team should distribute its forces evenly and try to gain control over the entire location.

The Center (Castle)

This zone is good for vehicles of all classes. Light and medium tanks can reach it at the very beginning of the battle, as can some versatile heavy tanks. TDs can take up vantage positions on the hills (balconies) near the bases and provide fire support to their allies. So if the team manages to occupy this area, it will allow you to control the neighborhood around the Castle and both bases.

The Town with Watchtowers on a Hill (Northwest)

The urban zone of Nebelburg is well-suited for heavily armoured HTs and TDs. The buildings allow you to shoot from behind cover and use turrets to repel enemy shells, and the labyrinthine streets will make it possible to bypass the enemy and attack from the flank.

The main battle for the hill will unfold among medium tanks with support coming from SPGs. Having broken through this direction, medium tanks will be able to control the entire town and fire on vehicles near the castle in the center.

The Hilly Plains (Southeast)

There are many hills in this part of Nebelburg, so this is a great place to play vehicles with good elevation angles and solid turrets. Tanks with mediocre gun elevation and depression angles can occupy foothills, where there are enough bushes and large stones to provide cover.

Having taken this position, you will be able to fire at enemy tanks in the center and the area around the bases, as well as launch an offensive on the enemy base.


Another extensive summer map on which you can try different tactics. It’s divided into three main areas:

  • The town with a small industrial plant in the Center;
  • The dried river bed in the West;
  • The forest with a ravine in the East.

In all these areas, you will find many different types of cover (bushes, stones, etc.), giving you the opportunity to conceal your position and send precise shots your enemy’s way.

The Town (Center)

This is the main area for clashes; it’s where heavy tanks and assault TDs meet their opponents. Buildings and other cover allow vehicles to efficiently make use of their armour. A large number of passes into the town allows both allied and enemy medium tanks to carry out flank attacks, so always be on your guard!

The West (Dried River Bed)

This direction is characterized by a large number of hills and rough terrain. It’s well-suited for light tanks providing intelligence to their allies, and for vehicles with good gun elevation angles. The firing positions for long-range sniping will allow vehicles of the second and third lines to reach their full potential so they can act as support.

The East (Ravine)

Vehicles with solid and tough turrets will fare best in this area. Trees and bushes around the ravine will allow TDs to both effectively support allies below and fire from long distances.

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