0 thoughts on “Black Market Day 6: Panzer V/IV

  1. Pity, I burned all my gold on premium time two years ago to use in WoWS. Was so sure I wasn\’t going to play WoT anymore. Oh well, Foch 155 is all that\’s left for me it seems. 5.5k for the V/IV is still overpriced but not ridiculous like the Pz II J at least.

    1. I mean, i really love Panthers in all shapes and forms except on higher tiers.
      They belong only up to tier 6/7pref. πŸ˜€

        1. Nah. I was too lazy… I needed to put money on credit card i use for online payments which alone takes 20-30 minutes or more because, well, logic… But i really, really like this shitter, more than hydro or any other.
          And i like the fact i would not see tier 7s.
          But anyway, knowing wg i will be able to buy it soon. πŸ™‚
          Time to take dust of my type 64 and farm some 5.5k gold machines. πŸ˜€

    1. \’This page was last modified on 18 September 2018. at 12:37\’
      I think your info is a bit outdated.

    2. Original cost in gold for a tank that was never sold at all (not even for money) for the past maybe 7 to 8 years makes no sense.

      It\’s like saying \”hey the in-game gold value for the Type59-G is 15k not 25k\”, it was never sold for this price or at any price, those \”default\” numbers mean nothing.

  2. I can\’t wait a week to hop in this and start playing World of Dodgems.
    (I\’m so not going to try to play it while it spams the MM….)

  3. PzIIJ: a shitty overhyped tank that is the embodiment of powercreep – 5k units for 15k gold

    PzV/IV: one of the rarest tanks in the server, never sold before outside of pre-orders/alpha, great tank for its tier, really hyped – 20k units for 5.5k gold

    WG are you even trying

    1. Yeah was hoping that they would sell 5k max but holy shit now everybody and their mother has one

    1. Same, did you get the gold substracted from your account?

      I did have the gold, pressed purchase, and BM page says now I already own the tank… No tank in garage and no gold substracted though. πŸ™

    1. \”You all are about as useful as an outdoor swimming pool on a submarine.\”
      I want context on this, kek

    1. If you search for an incredible powerfull funk tank, Yes.

      If you need a credit maker. No

      This tank had to me incredible collector value hence why I brought it, for others not so much!

      1. Rapty, in my garage too!
        Thought there\’s only 5k for sale (was sleepy, didn\’t know where i am and what time it is πŸ˜€ ).
        But today i went to work and friend told me that it\’s still 12k left.
        So… I hope we see each other in battle.

        And btw, easy with talking about Leo PTA. You won\’t get Leo 1 buffed but only Leo PTA nerfed. πŸ˜€

    1. Maybe i should try to get some \”compensation\” like the old Mutant owners some time back.

    2. Remember that dude who bought one of these for like 3.000€ on that charity auction?

      Bet heβ€˜s pissed as hell now hahaha

      1. Why would he be ? Its charity after all.. You usually buy overpriced stuff at charity auctions to help the charity cause..

    3. alpha testers got a little different PzV/IV – PzV/IV Alpha, with an alpha symbol on the turret…

  4. so…after all…next one will be for credits i think. foch155 (not worth the 23k), camos for tier x, t34 black, is-6 black

    1. Foch will be sold for credits, that\’s for sure. Now either camos or black t8 premiums will be offered for gold, cause I don\’t believe that WG is gonna give us \”credit offers\” four times ina row πŸ™‚

  5. Caernarvon, Black Dog, thisnone and maybe Panzer V/IV were worth it.
    Rest… Not so much, so i think i\’m done with 0 purchases on black market. :/
    Have CAX, have M 41 90 mm, didn\’t have gold and will to get up to PC for panzer. Fuk it. πŸ™

  6. I was the first buyer, I think, because I clicked \”continue\” immediately πŸ˜€
    Useless information, but funny to see 19999.

  7. Finally i have also this gem in my hands. The first \”new\” blackmarket tank for me.

  8. Bought three this time. Seems like this rarity wasn’t so popular. This will be fun to spam gold in lel

  9. For how rare these are 5k gold isn\’t that bad and they released a decent number of them at that.

  10. Not THE worst tank… kinda for chilling… but… not quite THE deal. The asking price was just 1000-1500 to high

    Eh. Not particular keen on that tank.

    1. ps. it reminds me on a german (yet worse) version of KV220… bad turret and fine armor with medicore gun

  11. Wtf the hydro went like crazy and is not even anything special yet one of the rarest tank ever didnt even sell out ahaha, ppl don\’t know what they buy. The Type59G was overpriced and is fugly beyond words. The AX was nice though.

  12. I feel very angry thjat WG sold this tank. Because I own one and now everyone will own one and I wont be special. So I will bitch and whine about it on the forum

  13. What\’s the aftermath on this one? The stupid 34B went on sale before I could get to the PC.

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