Black Market: Sexton 1 – Aftermath

15,000 units sold out in 22 minutes on EU. For comparison, there were 40,000 British SPGs available on the RU server and they sold out in 4.5 minutes.

0 thoughts on “Black Market: Sexton 1 – Aftermath

    1. dont worry too much….is just a matter of time untill those tanks will be available on normal shop 😉
      or maybe some bundles…

  1. I bought one for my main account and two for my alt accounts so I’m very happy!

  2. at Tier 3 Premium British Arty? sells out in 22 mins?
    Tier 3?

    jeeez must be a lot of stat padders out there playing the lower Tiers for \’fun\’ easy killing noob new players for good WN8 scores

    bit sad really as it will \’only\’ be played by very experienced WOT players, at Tier 3?

  3. I work 12 hour shifts with 4 hours of non essentially waste of time thrown in there. Hopefully I can get one before they sell out on NA, if they do. Seems the only other thing you can do to get these in the middle of work is via socking.

    1. Don\’t force yourself if you can\’t make it. At the end of the day they\’re only pixels. I\’ll definitely miss out on a few sales, any of which could be the tank I really want like the H38 or B2, but I won\’t kick myself over it.

      1. Well it wouldn\’t bug me, but its more of a general time isnt there for everyone, more specifically the 0800 one because of school or work. But hey, thats life. Also if anything, it seems like the evening sales are going to be the good ones, while the morning ones are lower tier tanks. Only tank im def looking for is the King Tiger.

  4. WG is so fucking stupid it\’s unbelievable.

    I hope the 3 new players WG gets today enjoy being one shotted by the idiots stat padding in this with their conq GC crew members stat padding their shit wn8. They will definitely continue to play the game and recommend it to friends.

  5. They were gone in less than 5m on the US server as well. I hit the store button right at 8am on my in game garage and 2/3 of them were already sold.

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