The D-Day Challenge (EU/NA)

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This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy. This landmark event was one of the turning points of World War II and marked the opening of the Second Front in Western Europe.

To commemorate this time in history, we’re launching a special event: the D-Day Challenge. It will last 14 days, from May 24 to June 6. Get ready for exciting missions and take this opportunity to earn a unique vehicle!

The D-Day Challenge:

24 May 2019, 10:00 CEST – 07 June 2019, 10:00 CEST (UTC+2)

The M10 RBFM Sirocco: A Vehicle with a Proud History     

The ultimate reward of the D-Day Challenge is the fabulous M10 RBFM, a French Premium Tier V tank destroyer with a historical custom look, Sirocco. This formidable TD became the symbol of the liberation of France and all Western Europe in August 1944.

The M10 RBFM was in service with the marines of the French Army. These tank destroyers actively participated in military operations after the Allied landings in Normandy.

During the liberation of Paris, the M10 RBFM  helped destroy a German “Panther” right on the Champs-Élysées, with a precise direct shot from a 2 km distance! During World War II, a special style called “Sirocco” was applied to the M10 RBFM. This style became an integral part of its formidable image, making it instantly recognizable to enemies.

Complete every mission of the Challenge and park this legendary vehicle in your Garage for free! We recreated the M10 RBFM down to the smallest detail, so it’s fully consistent with its historical prototype. This tank destroyer is a vivid reminder of one of the most important events in world history.

Battle Parameters

The M10 RBFM boasts great view range, complemented by a good camouflage value. It’s best played at a distance, using its camo values to stay concealed behind cover. The M10 RBFM has good concealment for its Tier, so take advantage of this to get closer to enemies and pinpoint their locations.


How the Challenge Works

To get your hands on the M10 RBFM with the unique Sirocco style, you need to complete 14 consecutive missions.

  • Missions to be performed in historical vehicles*, so you can pay tribute as you complete them. Task conditions will be diverse, but in general these are simple, yet captivating.
  • Missions to be performed with any Tier VII-X vehicles. These missions are a bit more challenging, but completing them won’t be too difficult.

List of Historical Vehicles

NOTE: Both sets of tasks can be fulfilled simultaneously (given all conditions are met). You can join the D-Day Challenge anytime after the beginning of the event and even take on missions for the days you’ve missed. For example, if you started completing tasks on the fifth day of the event, you can go through the missions for all the previous days and get rewards for them before June 6!
Each completed stage increases the XP bonus and Crew XP bonus. All bonuses accumulated during the challenge will be valid for three days after the completion of the marathon. The bonuses will be applied to any vehicle in Random Battles and Grand Battles.
To get the M10 RBFM, you only need to complete 10 missions. However, if you want to decorate it with the unique Sirocco historical style, you’ll have to complete the remaining 4 missions. This style is worth sweating over!
In addition to the main reward, you can earn additional prizes and bonuses:
  • A Commemorative medal called “Ready for landing!”
  • Consumables and equipment
  • Personal Reserves
  • XP bonuses and Crew XP bonuses.

Complete daily missions to accumulate XP bonuses. All bonuses accumulated during the challenge will be valid for three days after the completion of the marathon so you can apply them after receiving the ultimate reward.

Complete captivating daily missions, get sweet bonuses and add a historical Premium tank with a unique style to your collection for free!

The missions can be found on the portal here

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