0 thoughts on “Black Market Day 3 #2: FV215b 183

  1. I almost didn\’t buy it because I have no interest in top tier battles or a tank that only existed as a wooden mock-up. But it\’s only for credits so what the heck.

  2. i have it, but wow, 23 mil kreditos… and black dog, a premium tank was 5 πŸ˜€

  3. so i suppose prices wont be much higher?

    Currently having 25 million credits and only 120.000 Gold…. i fear i may cant get some stuff that i dont already have :O

    1. 120000 Gold!!
      are you a millionaire and so bored shitless with life?
      if I had that much money I would NOT be playing a dumb pixel game for nerds

      jeez man unless your in a top clan (without a real life)
      how the FUCK do you get 120.000 Gold

      fuk me there are some wierdo\’s in this game

      how the fuck much does 120.000 Gold cost anyone?

      1. I like to Collect stuff.

        around christmas i had around 223.000 Gold.
        I can only use it for crew training, converting it for free XP and painting tanks in colors and camos.
        Since i have around 156 Premium tanks…..

        So that golden Shitbucket was a nice little suprise to get some useless gold off.

      2. Don’t tell others what to do. As long as you are happy doing whatever you like, it’s part of your real life. For some people, there may be no difference in the amount of happiness between spending time with family and playing pixel games (note that you can also play video games with your family). And it would be a valid way of living life. Just deal with it.

    1. maybe will be for bonds too…
      for now, is just excellent this event

      btw…i prefer to save bonds for some premiums…:)
      this FV is a reward now…noble one…

  4. I would\’ve gotten it if not for the bond shop soon, also it being an FV4005 brother doesn\’t really mean much since you can just grind the 4005 for a similar experience.

  5. Someone in the EU forums counted it\’s about 57500 gold. This tank is technically a lot more expensive than the Type 59 G.
    I\’m a bit sad though – I always wanted this tank and I expected to try to buy it in the Bonds Shop – but judging from this, Bond Shop seems to be close to cancelled.

    Oh and also someone potentially leaked the full list of remaining tanks to be sold:

    26 – PZ IV/V / PZ2 J


    28 – IS6B / CAMOS DE TIER X (potentially those Tier X camos we could get with lootboxes – editing note)

    29 – T34B / FOCH155


    1. i doubt thats legit. A lot of assumptions have been made lately. Tbh, it could really be anything, seeing they sell even tier X tanks….

      1. the leak\’s been accurate so far in terms of the tanks, the dates are the only ones that aren\’t

    2. I doubt they won\’t sell the king tiger (c) as it has been introduced in the same micropatch as the type 59 g.

      But who knows?

    3. What\’s all the fuss about PZ IV/V? Why is it so asked for?
      Pz II j is ok nice small fun tank πŸ™‚

      1. because ts hull armor is sick…

        also pz2J is a turd wich ruin the game balance…i really hope that list is wrong and they wont sell this idiotic tank…

  6. Best 23M that i ever spent in the game…. BEST!!! By far…. i missed my baby so much!!!

  7. What, no WT(f)E100? I am Jacks total disappointment. For silver. Give and take a few hundred thousands.

    1. As a fan of the german tech tree, I would spend a thousand usd for an untouched, still op but extremely fragile WTE100.
      I just require the E50s and GWE100 to complete my E series collection.

      1. I had it all, but then they took it away from me, was angry long time, until I got type59 in a box for cheap.

        I loved the WTE100, it was like a katana blade, weak and fragile at the hands of a noob, but swift and deadly when controlled by a master. They never should have taken it from whoever already got it.

        Start a petition, I think the money grab is powerful in this one, they will make Hattori Hanzo forge one for you.

        1. TBH I would pay some money just to have the tank in my garage, in a non-useable state besides maybe Team training or whatever.

  8. And I have to say that all this black market is bad, and WG should feel bad.

    They would, but conscience is not to be found at the MoneyGrabCompany. They must be laughing their asses all the way to the moon base now, when whales cough up sums like this on soon to be worthless pixels. Champagne and best Cyprus hookers to all!

    I only tip my hat to the mighty whales, their credits and money, if this makes them happy, why not.

  9. Nop, says you already have it, can\’t buy again. But if you say have IS6, black IS6 is OK to buy.

    1. fuck it…this would be stupid πŸ˜›
      not even i have so much credts….and im collecting them for YEARS..

      as a f2p player, of course…

  10. Well Pz V/IV would be very nice indeed. Not OP at all, but really nice.

    Crossing fingers to get it …

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