0 thoughts on “WoT – D-Day: The Normandy Landings

  1. Nice, rly looking forward to this new event. Tier 5 premium wont be such a big help at this point, but a unique tank is a unique tank after all 😉

      1. Why so salty? QB is way much better than you. Even if you would use cheats he would beat you! Just deal with it.

        1. Many streamers are better than QB….QB is lame. Mailand, MouzAkrobat, skill4tu kick\’s his ass…

        2. Quickybaby can\’t even beat his wife let alone beat any of us. It\’s time to wake up from your dream world sunshine.

            1. Lawsuit worthy comment. I think admin of this site should remove disgusting and vile comments made by a obvious psychopath like that.

              1. Everyone has their right to express themselves, and as long as you are not just swearing or spamming, Seb has little to do. He is really strong on letting people say whatever they want.
                I get it, you are upset over that comment, but remember, this is the internet, you are getting worked up on hot air.

            2. What is sexist about beating someone in a computer game? Don\’t be such a snowflake who is outraged at everything.

  2. @Not German – don\’t cry if you practise hard and spam gold, you will improve your winrate. It\’s not all about stats. Just play for fun 😉

  3. WoT has been around for about eight years and only now do they finally come up with a tank destroyer that was actually used in combat by the French. There\’s the Sau 40 but that was only a prototype. Better late than never I guess.

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