0 thoughts on “No tanks for bonds in 1.5

  1. WG is destroying the game patch by patch. First they cancel the Object nerfs now they cancel tanks for bond\’s. My 45356 bond\’s will keep rotting away in the garage.

      1. WG promised a lot of things and dropped almost everything just before the patch came out.

  2. I thought that my 10k bonds is enough, but according to these comments its a rookie number πŸ™

  3. Typical WG. They could atleast have given us an explanation. But no, they go their traditional way: Tanks for bonds, tanks for bonds, tanks for bonds… Fuck off you don\’t get any tanks for bonds! :/

    1. Maskirovka, remember?

      They probably realized it wasn\’t an idea they could pursue due to lack of tanks they could \”freely\” sell.

      While FV215b and 183, Foch 155, etc could be entered, Tier X MM is saturated with high dmg TDs and another British HT…? Obviously we can\’t do that in Soviet WG.

      CW reward tanks are a no-no and that leaves us with barely anything.

      And of course, it\’s not something they can profit directly from, unless they sell bonds, like I heard rumors they did in NA.

    1. @Weak_man maybe you will have same low WR and maybe it will happen because you are Bad πŸ˜‰
      tanks cant save you

  4. They were too busy designing their next pay2win premium tank, not enough time to make that feature

  5. Yea I was really upset all I wanted was tanks for bonds and new camo styles on NA we got didn\’t get either . and no the so called new styles are just painted old ones. The only reason they gave was a technical issue witch is complete bs they have tanks for gold , tanks for credits , reward tanks so they can just apply that system to the tanks for bonds. They are trying to make money on it till then they wont release it.

  6. And customer service told me its off the table for a few patches and will be reconsidered at some point if it takes more then a month im done with wot so sick of the lies and them not fixing the tank testing system.

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