1.5 CW Decals

Large format decals that you can get in the 11th Season of the Global Map have been added in the 1.5 update.











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  1. Finally! Great job, WG, people all over the forums were complaining about the lack of large format CW decals, half my friends left the game because of that. Great resources allocation and investment in the right place!

    1. They probably just simply have given up or are just too afraid to break stuff even more, so they are simply doing stuff that will keep people \”engaged\” – new tanks, unlockables etc. While making it look as if they are trying to fix things to calm down everyone.

      Others will again say that the guy making emblems has nothing to do with the other stuff and does not affect it. Yes, true enough, but it really does not look like they are putting any actual effort in fixing some of the stuff.

      The best thing was in the recent Q&A stream (with developers and streamers), when they said they have that one guy busy with matchmaker and that is why THAT one guy can not work on other stuff. And while he is busy there can be no progress on some of the other stuff while he is busy with MM. ๐Ÿ˜€
      That single poor bastard. ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. It actually makes sense. The MM is just an algorithm. It probably has only few hundreds lines of code, now maybe little bit more with map exclusion feature.

        But imagine if 2 people would be trying to solve 1 math problem the way that 1 person solves 1 part, another part will do a different person etc… It would be mess I can believe that if only 1 person works on the MM core algorithm its resonable. If I had to code such algorithm I would do it solo not in a team. Trust me.

        1. Yeah, maybe the way I wrote it, it did not sound clear enough. The way they said it, was as if they had \”Just That one guy\” . I did not mean to say that they had just one guy working on MM. What I said is, that the THAT one guy can not do the other stuff because he is busy working on MM.

          As in, they were implying that they can get only a single guy qualified enough to do the complex stuff. And because he is busy doing MM he can not do other stuff, because no one else can.
          (Sure if the other thing is something complex that is maybe even half way started, it can take a while for someone else to get started [NOT talking about MM but other stuff] , but not hiring anyone else for those things just because it may take time for him to get the hang of things means being stuck with just THAT one Single guy…)

          Other than that, I agree to you, there are things were more then one head just unnecessarily complicates things. But I am talking of Other non related tasks.

  2. Damn I really wanted these ugly ass decals for spending hours every night doing clan wars. Thank you wargaming.

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