0 thoughts on “T-103 Available on EU

    1. Saw some early opinions in the official forums and it seems the new owners like it. Personally I don\’t think I\’ll buy one but any SU-100Y lover will feel very comfy in this imho.

  1. > Pretty cheap for a tier 8 if you ask me.

    It\’s actually cheaper than some medium tanks, and over 12€ cheaper than SU-130PM.

    1. It\’s cheap for a reason. Slow, hulking, (relatively) low alpha gun, terrible accuracy, and save for the turret, no armor to speak of. Unless you find the perfect hulldown peekaboom spot, you will be forced to be second line and even then you better cover.
      And let\’s not mention the tier 10 battles.

  2. 130mm gun dealing 440 damage, pathetic. they coulD have made it unique and given it 560 alpha low pen AP (172) special rounds or something. nope. why so big?

    1. 172mm pen at tier 8 as a TD? Unless it\’s HESH it would not work. A tier 8 that meets tier X and that can\’t flank needs at the very least 220mm of pen.

      But yeah they should have done something to differenciate it more from the Skorpion and 130PM…

  3. I can\’t really see how this tank can do anything meaningful in Tier X matches. I\’d rather save myself the money and the frustration.

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