Buy Tankfest 2019 Tickets

Last year’s edition of Tankfest was already quite impressive. The biggest display of historic moving armour of the world welcomed one hell of a gem in the shape of a venerable B1 Bis tank. And in 2019, we aim to raise the bar!

Join us in Bovington, U.K., from 28 to 30 June for another weekend’s worth of tank-fun and awesome World of Tanks activities. You can already get your tickets on the Tank Museum’s website.

There are a lot of announcements coming, so keep your eyes peeled for more Tankfest news, and make sure to follow us on Facebook for more. Get excited, commanders, this edition is a big one.

Ticket Sales are open

Depending on your preferences, there are four different options available:

  • Tankfest 2019 – 1 day: Enjoy one day (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) at the Tankfest
  • Tankfest 2019 – 2 days: Enjoy two consecutive days (Friday and Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday) at the Tankfest
  • Tankfest 2019 – 3 days: Get ready for a full weekend of tank madness at Bovington
  • Gold Friends Membership: Can’t get enough of tanks? With the Gold Friends Membership, you get access to the Tankfest, both Tiger Days, and many other advantages!


(source: EU portal)

13 thoughts on “Buy Tankfest 2019 Tickets

  1. “Get access to all three days of TANKFEST 2019 and save 20%.”

    How can you save 20% when the 3 day ticket costs £54.40 and the 1 day ticket costs £15? The only way to save 20% is to buy three 1 day tickets instead of one 3 day ticket.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I read armored patrol and I read the forum. I even recognise some of the names.I’m guessing the banned players are the ones trolling? I also just want to read normal comments. Why can’t they all just be blocked? It puts me off taking my kids to Tankfest with a community like this.


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