1.5 Common Test 2 Patchnotes

Main Changes:

Grand Battles for Tier VIII Vehicles

  1. The Grand Battles became available to the Tier VIII vehicles (if the corresponding box is checked in the game settings).
  2. Matchmaking of the Grand Battles of Tier VIII vehicles is the same as that for Tier X vehicles, where:
  • SPGs are limited to 4 vehicles per team
  • Bonds are not credited for participation in this battle type, only for earning the Battle Heroes achievements

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the issues of the shaking camera in the Sniper mode when switching between the drive modes.

Changes to Technical Characteristics of Vehicles


  • UDES 16: Changed the load capacity of the stock suspension from 30,000 to 30,000 kg
  • Emil I: increased thickness of the hull armoring (side armor was improved from 20 to 35 mm)


  • Type 5 Heavy: changed the engine power from 1,200 to 1,370 h.p.
  • O-I: changed the damage value of the HE Type 96 shell for the 15 cm Howitzer Type 96 gun from 910 to 890
  • Type 4 Heav: changed the reload time of the 15 cm/45 41st Year Type gun from 24.5 to 22 s
  • O-Ho:
    • Changed the reload time of the 15 cm Howitzer Type 96 gun from 17 to 22 s
    • Changed the damage value of the HE Type 96 shell for the 15 cm Howitzer Type 96 gun from 910 to 890
  • O-Ni:
    • Changed the reload time of the 15 cm Howitzer Type 96 gun from 23 to 24 s
    • Changed the damage value of the HE Type 96 shell for the 15 cm Howitzer Type 96 gun from 910 to 890

23 thoughts on “1.5 Common Test 2 Patchnotes

  1. RIP O-Ho No specificity anymore. Still crippled by gun depression issues. Basically a worse O-Ni a tier higher. Good Job WG. And the actual bullshit in tier IX and X are still too good. Point missed by a country mile.

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    1. Yup. The one thing that the O-Ho had over the O-Ni, was it’s rate of fire. With that dropped down to the same bad level, it ends up being a completely useless tank. No mobility, no armor, no firepower. They still do not know how their own game works.


    1. maybe for you 😛
      i lways used Type 4 with AP gun and now its A BIT buffed

      STILL…armor is STILL imbecile and without weakpoints on entire line…but atleast guns are more balanced now

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  2. While they hull side buff to the Emil I is nice, its not exactly enough to compensate the nerfed hull traverse.

    If they’re doing it to make it have “more armour then the Emil 1951” then they should just reduce the 51’s frontal turret armour so that its actually got less armour and more mobility like WG originally coined it as.

    Maybe also give the Emil I a new model so its no longer just an incorrectly moddeled 1951? Since the Emil I should have a pike nosed hull like the Emil II and Kranvagn maybe give it that with the 1951 turret with Emil I armour?

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    1. It’s meant to be 30,000 to 30,500

      Because as stock the modules came to a weight of 30,305… 305kg above max load of stock suspension so you couldn’t mount equipment


  3. To be honest I don’t get why the O-Ho had this reload with the derp gun in the first place. Back when we could do troll platoons the KV-2 was perfectly viable with its 20s of reload in a tier 10 match. Why did the O-Ho, two tiers higher with 200mm of frontal armor and all-round turret armor need 13s of reload time for a gun that would do 300dmg to you without penetrating. It was broken.

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    1. Because it literally had no other viable gun available.
      The top 10cm did not have a gold shell until like 2½ years after it got added to the game.
      And even now the top 10cm is a bit of a joke.
      The mini turrets also mean that it can barely fire towards the front-left.

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  4. What’s with the Dinger infestation? Isn’t it enough to for them to heckle people on WG’s forums?
    The irony is that almost every Dinger has piss poor stats, which is embarrassing considering that their excessive use of gold ammo would (in theory) give them better stats. But they don’t know how to aim weakspots, detrack etc just auto-aim and spam gold.

    And take that jigabachi character (who has more forum posts than actual battles…) he quit playing in December and is only active on the forums annoying people like some kind of master troll….

    It’s sad that the playerbase is reduced to some bunch of self righteous autistic idiots like the Dingers. But luckily you only see them in tier 1-3 (where the opposition are inexperience) thank god for that..to not have them in high tiers…


  5. I hope they nerf Japanese heavies even more, I want these made up Weeb-Machines so bad that Nö one will ever drive them again. Japanese Mediums on the other hand need some love.


    1. To give a bit more context, 10 out of 14 tech tree Tier X Medium tanks have around 1500 m/s shell velocity, with three having around 1000 m/s (121, 430U and AMX 30B), and one with 1700 m/s (K-91)..


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