Excluded Maps: The First Details

One of the most commonly requested features is the ability to avoid a particular map in matchmaking. We’re pleased to announce that we’re rolling out such a feature in Update 1.5! Now you’ll be able to block one map of your choice and avoid it in the matchmaking queue.

How Will It Work?     

With the release of this feature, we will have to make some additional tweaks to the matchmaker. This will ensure that you won’t get matchmade on your ‘blocked’ map under any circumstances. The Excluded Maps feature will only be available for Standard Battles, and not for Assault or Encounter Battles.

The feature will only work when playing Tier IV vehicles or higher and will be disabled for all three Grand Battles maps (Klondike, Nebelburg, and Hinterland).

Finally, if you wish to block a different map, you will have to wait at least 4 hours to pass since you banned the previous one.

How Will This Feature Work for Platoons?  

The feature will be available only to Platoon creators. The other Platoon members’ Excluded Maps will be overridden by the Platoon creator’s map list as long as they are part of that Platoon.

We are still working on the concept, so this feature may change significantly in the future. We would also like to hear your suggestions, so feel free to ask your questions and share your feedback!

0 thoughts on “Excluded Maps: The First Details

  1. First world problems: which map to ban on WoT?
    I hate Paris the most. And Ensk + Mines + Himmelsdorf shouldn’t be played on above tier 6. Haven’t played any of the new maps, since I haven’t played since may 2018.

  2. give me a 10 maps to ban i will still want more; there are more bad maps than good ones i this game 🙁
    fuck small & closed maps, fuck corridors, and fuck the beach

  3. Best news of today is still that eekeeboo is going to quit as community manager. Hopefully we can get a genuine community manager now that doesn’t misunderstand question after question and apply biased moderation towards players that he dislikes. Bye bye eekeeboo clown, you will not be missed! 😀

  4. Why not just remove Paris? Everyone will ban this shitty map and then nobody will be able to ban any other of their choice.

  5. This might be a terrible idea and generate a lot of flag for me for even mentioning it.
    But this could be a good monetization option for WG as well. One that could as well indirectly promote platooning.
    Giving premium accounts X nr. extra map block slots, where a F2P player would only have one slot to block 1 map. WG was talking about revamping and giving premium accounts some extra features. This might be one of them and I have seen this idea floating around on the forums as well.
    How this would work with premium day rewards from missions or codes I don’t know. Might well become too overly complicated.

    1. I’ve seen this kind of monetization elsewhere, unrelated to maps but still relevant enough, and I don’t think WG needs to antagonize the playerbase any further, nor make the rift between pay2play and free2play players larger.

  6. Better than nothing. But I fear that this will lead to a further deletion of an unpopular map. Even if a map is shit, it is better than nothing. In the last years there were some good maps, which are not existing any more. I do not understand, why WG sometimes deletes good maps and promise that they will come back with improvements. It is better to play a map with some disadvantages for a team than playing maps from a smaller pool.

    1. i prefer playing 5 good maps over and over again, than having a pool of 40 maps, 25 are totally idiotic, 10 have been reworked so many times that they became all the same boring shit and only 5 are really playable

  7. I’m happy this is becoming a thing, will have a hard time choosing between Tundra and Minsk (would like to ban both).

  8. they need to include a disclaimer «this change can result in increased MM waiting time, do you still want to proceed?»
    well, most players won’t pay attention and will not hesitate to whine when their waiting time gets longer the larger the number of maps selected, they won’t understand why it has to happen but there’s no way out of it

  9. The other way round would also be great. Select at least one map you want to play on. Then I would select Malinovka only and play TD or Arty all day long 😀

  10. I wonder how this will turn out. Will there be no heavies on Prokhorovka? Will there be no arty on Himmelsdorf? Will every game on Malinovka and Prokhorovka have 3 arty per side for this reason?
    And what if a big part of the community blocks a certain map? I can imagine there will not be a lot of games played on maps like Paris…

  11. I don’t know:
    – I had airfield 3 times a day when i played over 15 battles. Heavies are bombed by arty, mediums and lights have nowhere to go. I don’t want to see it for a month.
    – Ensk is pretty bad
    – Empire border **** ****
    – Fjords are very bad and seems unbalanced
    – I don’t like Paris or Pilsen maps
    – Mines south spawn is horrible especially on encounter

  12. Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to say that I haven’t been sacked and are still working to give you the best player experience.
    Thank you and happy hunting

    1. Why don’t you fuck off you retard troll. You and all your WG shills are going to have twelve months laughing at my ban no doubt.

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