Eekeeboo sacked?

Forum warrior has been shifted to video? Why? Is this the end of the beginning of the end? First MHM and now EEK? 😁😁😁 Lets just hope BBV is the next to be #@$%@#$%@$%6%^^%!

On a serious note, EEK was very influential and important in WOT community, switching to a total different aspect of WOT is kinda strange.

update: my retardenes has just learned that BBV was sacked back in 2016.

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  1. Likely a good career move for him – It’s unlikely to be a wellpaid job as a community dude and likely the video stuff is a step up for him…

    1. It is indeed a step up and something I hope to use to do more things to inform and engage the community 🙂

  2. All those WOT many, many players that got 14 day Bans since last December from EkeBanCockHead for expressing there options on the WOT forums (most without any official warning btw,
    I’m sure will be just so sad hearing this news …………………… not

  3. I also think he got sacked, but obviously he wouldn’t admit it even if that was the case. All I know is that a lot of players (me included) have got extremely many warning points and posts deleted for no real reason other than critics. Not to mention that he treats players differently, if you’re on his favourite list you get away with breaking forum rules, if you’re on his dislike list you get posts removed even if they didn’t break any rules.
    Bye bye eekeeboo, now when you can no longer use your banhammer to censor people maybe you can shovel it up your oversized asshole and show us how it went in your upcoming retarded videos?

    1. Getting WP’s might just be a sign that the rules were not enforced in the past and there was a change. The rules didn’t really change or i’ve missed it. I just know from the past that a lot of stuff was left unedited. This might has changed by now.

      1. No, this was warning points for new posts. In the past, the stuff that actually should be edited was edited. Now, everything that isn’t kind asslicking gets deleted, not edited. There was a discussion in the crew skins thread about why there isn’t any German war heroes in the game. Appearently that got classified as “political discussion” in eekeeboo’s rulebook and half of the thread was deleted. Me for example didn’t just get some of the posts edited, but every single of my posts in the entire thread got deleted. He can’t even refer to paragraphs in the rules, you get your post deleted (not just edited) without explanation, and when you ask why, you basically get told to fuck off and find out yourself.

        1. I remember this thread. Oh voy werent you the one suggesting that WG dindt implement Nazis because of Sjw without having a basic undetstaning of German laws in these regards.

          1. Nope, I suggested that if they can add war heroes from Soviet, they can also add war heroes from Germany. It’s you that’s putting the label “Nazi” on them just because they’re from Germany. And you’re outdated with your German laws excuse, because there are other games that contain various “Nazi material” are allowed in Germany today.

            1. Nope e.g. wolfenstein has the label “uncut” but doesnt contain any real nazi elements. The context matters when you want to add something like this. And no documentaries about ww2 are not illegal in Germany.

                1. I am up to date. You forgott that still context matters and that most if the articles regarding the change forget to mention this. There is no aaa game i am aware of that includes things like swastikas or ss runes and is publicly available in Germany. It is clear that you are not from germany and not knowledgable of the situation in these regards.

                  1. If you actually read the article, it clearly says that “The change means Nazi symbols used in an artistic way will be allowed.”. Out of BBC and you, which source do you think is more trustworthy? If they’re allowing the Swastika for artistic use and unshaved Hitler, then I see no reason why they would not allow a few WW2 tank aces from Germany.

                    1. At the end of the day, we germans still are such pussies when it comes to WW2

        2. Well, your incoherent talk aside, just wanted you to know that I had a hand in your banning. And seeing you cry here with your friends makes me laugh. Overreacting much?

          1. Thanks for letting me now. I will make sure to have a hand in your banning, if the situation on the EU forum ever manages to improve, and they decide to clean away all the cockroaches that spends their life infesting the forum with stupid troll posts rather than doing something useful.
            You “laughing” that a player that has written more feedback and suggestions than you propably ever will pretty much sums up what an idiot you are. And no, I’m not overreacting, I’m just taking the opurtunity to shed some light on this problem. Now it’s up to WG HQ if they read this and if they want to actually preserve their constructive players, or if they prefer to have a bunch of dements on their forum that do nothing more than trolling.

            1. What’s most amusing here is how angry and bitter you are over the ban and that I grin immensely. It was not hard having you banned btw, as you were not the most popular guy because of your useless posts. And here you are continuing trolling Jabster with the same language as before. I might actually lend this site a hand to have your ip blocked or something similar. As a matter of fact, i want to do that.

              1. Enjoying that someone got banned pretty much sums up your mental illness. Seriusly you pathetic clown, go and do something decent in your life for once instead of showing everyone how utterly stupid your are. I might swear, but you’re no better when it comes down to toxity. It’s not about the posts wording, it’s about the posts point.
                Tell me, I’m curious, what will your argument be to get my IP blocked? That I swear? That I insult idiots like you who’s only goal in life is to mess with other people? Maybe your IP should be blocked so you can stop being the annoyance you’re? Do you realise that your behaviour is what’s known as bullying?

                Yes! Hello to the people investigating this issue. I might be swearing, but maybe you should take a look what’s the actual problem here; the person provocing and being annoying, or the person that has to take all this shit and react to it?

                And before accusing anyone of having useless posts, maybe take a look at your own messages. Can you even provide a single link to one suggestion, feedback, or any other form of constructive feedback that you’ve contributed with in the WoT forums? You know just because you don’t agree with someone elses ideas doesn’t make them “useless”.
                Seriusly desperate guy, stop being part of the problem if you want to be the hero and go do something of your sad life.

                1. Complains about people not having anything to do with their life, and writes a page about it.

                  1. Yeah, compared to you, I actually explain myself so people understand why I think how I think. Compared to you that always seem to squeeze out 1-2 sentences maximum. Is it too difficult to explain your thoughts, or are you now trying to maximize your post count here aswell? Sorry, but this blog doesn’t have a post counter as the forums to, so no point in trying.
                    Also, using a different email now jabster? Isn’t that interesting…

                    1. “Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution.”

                    2. Fighting Falcon,
                      You indeed have provided very much helpful contributions to the forum and unlike 99%, including myself, in the appropriate sections.
                      That WG doesn’t want to listen to it, it’s their loss.
                      But having you banned sucks, mate. As that constructive feedback is no longer given, despite WG’s deaf ears (although lately the wheels have been put in motion towards our favour, the EU players, albeit still quite slowly).
                      Though, I still must say, in that thread, you did kinda overstepped the border and even though you were right in most points, as tenants in “Casa di Wargaming” they are entitled to break the rules they themselves create and we have to follow them (that’s the Sovetskaya Rossia for you…).
                      You and your posts will be missed. But I hope we and WG will be able to count with you and them in the future and if so, I’ll see you back in the forums 😉
                      Happy weekend.

                    3. Thank you WindSplitter1 🙂
                      I appreciate it very much that atleast some players recognize my work and understand that all I want is to make the game better. Unfortunately not everyone do.
                      While I understand what you mean, at the same time we must be allowed to discuss atleast the sensative topics that directly relate to the game itself. It was WG’s decision to add crew skins to the game, then they shouldn’t stop people from discussing why crew skins from certain nations are there and some other nations are not. To best honest, the crew skins themselves are not a political discussion, but it becomes political when WG decides to be silly and lock out crew skins from some nation because of politics. I think you understand what I’m trying to explain.
                      It depends. While eekeeboo continues to have a boner everytime he sees me, I wouldn’t post even if I could. When he’s gone I will see how the situation evolves. Then I also have a bunch of fans that report me just because they don’t like my suggestions. Unless WG plans to do anything about that I’m not sure I want to continue using the forum either. It’s difficult to say now, we will see how the situation evolves the coming weeks.
                      Happy weekend to you aswell 😉

                  2. Jabster, you don’t seem to grasp the basic fact obvious here; no one likes you. You are just as much a fail as a troll as you are in playing tanks.

          1. Well appearently we’re not allowed to, because in this game we have super sensative snowflakes that but the label “Nazi” on anything from Germany during the WW2 period. These people doesn’t seem to understand the difference between soldiers and politics. But what can we do, trying to talk about it on the forum yeilds all kinds of reactions, everything from “speciul” community managers censoring this kind of feedback, to idiots that appearently report posts just because they dislike the suggestion.

      2. The draconian approach to things happened when WG started to do that restructuring of the NA server HQ and staff. Things used to be better because the old mods used proper judgement of when and where to dole out punishment while still allowing for critical opinions and a friendly little trash talk and banter.
        These days since most of the good admins and mods are gone they only have the ignorant and inept ones left.

      1. But I am surprised an idiot like you has not yet been banned. Pretty much sums up the current status of EU forums. Ban the people that write suggestions and feedback, protect the demented trolls that bring nothing but pointless shitposts.

        1. I’d have thought the real idiots can’t post without breaking forum rules? Even -MM seem to be clever enough to post whilst banned. But then they did tend to show you to be quite the idiot. Amusing I must say.

          1. You’re even dumber than I thought. If I actually wanted to continue posting on the forums, I would. The problem is that I’m not going to put in the effort and time to write long posts with feedback, suggestions etc just to get treated like shit by some idiotic community manager that bans the people that contribute to the games development, while letting time wasting donkeys like you run around free. For fucks sake take a look at the EU forum, a tiny fraction of players are actually using the forum in a somewhat constructive manner, the rest (you included) are just trolling around like they had nothing better to do with their life.

            1. Does it matter? Getting punished because I want to make the game better. Yeah call it bitterness if you want.

                1. Nice to see I’m famous enough to get an impersonator. Not as famous as jabster though.

      1. Well, isn’t this is a fine example of Polak manners and behavior. We all see this typical drivel sent to you after a game they have lost. They should’ve been kept behind the Iron Curtain forever.

  4. He had a similar position with WoWp before switching to WOT, which he held about the same time he satyed with WOT. He seems either to get thrown from position to position or he gets some training on the job on several positions – sometimes used in big companies to get someone ready for higher duty.

    1. I don’t think the job he did for WoWP was well done by him … rather defending even influencing changes the community did not want. The next move again now after a short time is unlikely a step up …

  5. No one likes being the scapegoat for a company that does a lot of shitty things, good on him. He was a pretty cool dude.

    1. Hello!
      eekeeboo here (the real retard not the one pretending 😉 ). I figure now is a good time to post after being linked this by 2 idiots to clear confusion.
      Yes I was sacked and completely assfucked by WG. I got moved to a position where I will now be able to create retarded content and streams where I can screw with the community in a new way. Using my incompetence and autism to mess with the player base via media projects like the Monthly Faceroll and other projects I hope to find in my wide backside soon!
      Though it can seem strange from the outside, community management for me is about telling players to fuck off and shut their pieholes and if you’re demented and autistic like me then you will always look for new opportunities to piss players off or getting to ruin big projects that you can influence while most of your stupid brainfarts will never see the light of day.
      So I look forward to the next fuckup in my adventure at WG and you can bet your ass that you will see me around still banning people and mess up the forums even further, just not to the huge extent at which I have been thus far while I roll my face on the retarded video content and post orgasms in media channels.

  6. Hello!
    eekeeboo here (the real not fake one here 😉 ). I figure now is a good time to post after being linked this by 2 people to clear confusion.
    No I wasn’t sacked or shifted or re-allocated. I applied for a position above my own where I will now be able to create amazing content and streams to engage with the community in a new way. Using my game knowledge and past experience to help inform the player base in via media projects like the Monthly Run Down and other projects I hope to reveal soon!
    Though it can seem strange from the outside, community management is a lot of behind the scenes work and if you’re ambitious and driven then you will always look for new opportunities to work on and big projects that you an influence while most of your work will never see the light of day.
    So I look forward to the next stage in my career at WG and you will very much see me around still and engaging, just not the huge extent at which I have been thus far while i focus on the video content and organising media work.

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  7. Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to make clear that I’m not being sacked. It’s just some rumour, completely untrue.
    Thanks and happy hunting!

  8. Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to make clear that I’m being sacked and completely assfucked by WG for my utter incompetence. It’s not just some rumour, it’s actually completely true.
    Thanks and happy hunting!

  9. He saw an opportunity and took it. Who would not? Sure he is the best and most active CM we had. But maybe he can do as well on other aspects for us?

    1. Coming from someone that was born with his head inside his ass. Have you ever, during all your thousands of retarded posts, written anything of importance, or that could in some way be made to improve the game? Nope. All you do is to spew the same old autistic nonsense in every single thread, voting on every possible option in polls, and derailing every single post you stumble into. YOUR ban is long overdue.

      1. I didn’t realise that crying you were shot with gold ammo was making the game better, That is your main argument isn’t it?

        1. Too bad gold ammo hasn’t improved your stats, even the slightest. You are truly The definition of gold noob.

        2. @jabster: And you? Show us all here alteast a few links to your constructive contributions to the forum apart from your daily doses of diarrhea. You’re not contributing anything to the forum, except making people annoyed and frustrated. Just because you dislike my suggestions and feedback about premium ammo doesn’t make it “crying”. But then again what did I expect from a spastic retard like you.

            1. The thought has come to my mind, but how can I know for sure? Not possible. It might be you, it might not be you, it might be you claiming it’s not you etc. All I can see for sure is that right now there’s a bunch of jabster’s with 3 different emails.
              Anyhow, in case it actually isn’t you: I still stand by my word that you do a lot of short pointless posts (try to see that as constructive critics rather than an insult), but the insults where targeted at the person writing the posts, so then you know best yourself if you should feel offended or not.

              1. Why would I feel offended, you got trolled, by someone else, and your replies were somewhat amusing.

            2. If it genuinely wasn’t you, I have a pretty good guess of who it was. Not very long ago I got a nice love message from some dumb retard on a fake account called “Lucas”-something. Same person was in the shifting positions thread on yet another clown account. Funny thing is that this person is so stupid that he makes the same mistakes over and over again, so it’s not very difficult to narrow down the set of possible retards behind the account. That person is one of my stalkers, incredibly butthurt because my suggestions would ruin his gameplay. I guess his time will come eventually aswell.

              1. You call jabster a spastic retard when you think you’re posting to jabster, and then when jabster arrives you say you didn’t mean it for that jabster. Which jabster exactly did you mean?

                  1. Strangely enough I don’t remember reading any of this till now. Think about the implications of that.

    2. And here we have Jabster, probably the most pathetic phenomena I’ve seen in online gaming, along with Jigabachi. Two autistic idiots who has more forum posts than battles (which I can understand because of their poor stats) The rage has to go somewhere and in their case; WG forums…unfortunately we have to glance trough their shit every day. Why neither of them has been banned for trolling, derailing etc is peculiar. And really, incredibly long overdue…but that day will come when these pests will be gone.

    1. You are not disagreeing, you are just a bloody nuisance and has absolutely nothing to contribute with. But I see your autism spectrum disorder is a prominent feature, hence the inability see your own pathetic drivel, inability to change subject and the one-sided vocabulary…all so glaringly obvious. You are a pest, hopefully you’ll get banned so the forums be free from your bullshit. I sincerely look forward to that day.

  10. BBW was and still is the worst WG bot of them all.
    Jeez, people had offered money for his home address.
    What an epic a##hole.

    1. Really? Rumor is that he was canned due to posting obscene pictures of himself online, that someone stumbled upon.

  11. I see this place hasn’t improved. Still posting any old rubbish for clicks. I’m Glad I enabled adblock again before visiting. Bye again.
    An Ex fan.

    1. Good, I’m seldom here myself because of the kindergarten atmosphere but I enjoy seeing people banned from WG’s forums continue their crying here. Where there are of course are no moderation whatsoever.

  12. On mondays I wrap my head in a tortilla. On tuesdays I lick my dads testicles. On wednesdays I try to find peanuts in my nose. On thurdsays I try to climb into a washing machine. On fridays I beat my cat with a cucumber. On saturdays I take a massive dump in my frying pan. And on sundays I sleep the entire day because all these things are exhausting for a retard like me.

  13. On christmas day I am alone because I’m a nolife spastic with a price on his head who has to spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder.

      1. In all honestly, it’s not me that has written that particular post you replied to. Although, I do find it interesting that everyone always defaults to thinking that it was me. Soon people will claim that I’ve simulated this entire comment section alone 😀

          1. Look at this pathetic idiot. He has no idea who I am or where I live, but he’s going to try to threaten me. Instead of looking for me you can go and look for a circus you demented clown. You have some serius brain problems to go that far because someone in a video game holds another opinion than you. And let me remind you that what you’re doing right now is considered a crime.

            1. Sorry. No threat intended. It was a observation. I should have said the world is a horrible place. You called people assholes, retards, spastics, dements, and donkeys, and I think that is horrible.Then when you are posted back you call people bullys. I think you bullyed eekeeboo with your first comment.xx

              1. If you like to make observations, it should be pretty appearent for you that I treat people how they treat me. There should be enough of various examples in this comment section alone by now that shows perfectly fine how I respond to different kinds of people depending on how they write to me. Then again, I’m not surprised that you havn’t understood that yet.
                Besides that, what’s between me and eekeeboo is none of your business. Havn’t you learned to not stick your nose into other peoples business? eekeeboo decided to be an asshole towards me, and I’m treating him in the same way back. It’s still none of your business.
                And I didn’t call “people” bullys, I called YOU a bully. You make the same mistakes all over again, it’s not that difficult to see through your different fake aliases. And you’ve been stalking me in different ways for well over a year now. Makes me wonder how pathetic your life must be to not have anything more important to do than to stalk the same person for so long just because he wants to change the game into something that you dislike. And btw don’t forget to log into your Lucas-account and send me another of those love letters, and those “ahsdfadhfa”-accounts are on 0 battles, you need to play with them if you want to use them on the forums.
                Go make something decent out of your life. I will still say, write and think what I want regardless of all your trolling, reporting and threats. It’s pointless for you to try to silence me so stop wasting not only my time, but your own time aswell.

                1. That’s your point of view being a deluded, wrong and immature bob and thus entirely irrelevant. You trolled him in public and countertrolling you shows why WG were right. Jesus Christ on a stick. The delusion is real.It’s called grownup people arguing against childish people. But hey, when you grow up in 50 years, you might finally be able to understand it and to come up with more reasonable and intelligent posts. Alternatively, you could simply grow up. That helps a lot with not getting banned. You came here reporting a minor ban, but when people disagreed with you and brought forth their concerns with your understanding of “rules”, you just started to act like a immature little kid. And now you complain about the response you got claiming it’s all one person. Possibly that’s just paranoia.

                  1. If I wanted to hear your opinion, I’d buy you a brain. Stop trying to be the moral police in matterns that doesn’t concern you. You went into this comment section on your own will, you made the decision to make fun of someone getting banned, and now you’re complaining like a small child that someone used bad words towards you. Just like a little kid in kindergarten provoking another kid to hit him just so he can run crying to the teacher and put all the blame on him. And you’re not the real jigabachi either. You don’t even have the balls to use your real account to post all this autistic shit, and you’re going to call other people immature? LOL! Seriusly, stop wasting my time.

                    1. While the internet brought us lots and lots of positive things, it also created a huge playground for those people who wouldn’t dare to open their mouth in public. Here they can just spray their stoopid everywhere. You post a comment on a public forum and it’s the concern of anyone reading it. If you don’t want that, send eekeeboo a PM in game or complain to his manager. That’s how reasonable adults behave.. You’re not even the real fighting_falcon93 either. Just some douche trying to make the real one look an immature cavedweller.Grow up.

                    2. I’m pretty sure the real Jigabachi knows how to correctly spell his name. Do you see how pathetic you are? You can not even pretend to be someone else without failing miserably. Go back into your cave and stay there until you die. Also I assume you mean yourself when you talk about the people not daring to open their mouth in public. Because even though you’re on the internet, behind your safe little keyboard, you still don’t have the balls to open your mouth with your real account. You’re not getting any more replies from me.

                    3. And before you say it – I used my real account to write what I wrote to eekeeboo.
                      Now I have no more time for you, go and play your autistic troll game with someone else that also wants to waste their entire day on nothing. Paaa :*

    1. The next forum troll attracted to this article like a fly to shit. The tedious 46 winrate/500wn noob LongRangeSniper. Another epic fail.

  14. I have a question – no flamebait or trolling here, just curious.
    I’ve had a couple exchanges with this guy in the WoT forums and other than that know nothing about him. Why is his change of position relevant enough to warrant an article on this blog?

    1. No idea. Not a single word was spent when Kandly left – which I think was far sadder and more newsworthy.

  15. Jabster and Jigibachi is fine examples of players that should quit the game and uninstall. Totally pathetic. Failed as players and failed as trolls.

    1. You fell for my deliberate trick and just had to point out my spelling in the usual manner…This way we know it’s the real Jabster and not some impersonation. Good one lad.

      1. you mean the trick that it was grammar not spelling? I can see your a frikkin genius.

  16. Why has one guy made all these accounts including the falcon one, to make the real falcon look a moron? If he wasn’t a moron or the real falcon, he wouldn’t have bothered replying from the start. Give it up buddy, go outside, and get a life.

      1. Just some sad dweeb from the wot forum who got banned and brought his baby tears here to meet his fellow trolls.

  17. WG’s community managers are fucking retards. Go warning points for expressing displeasure at WG’s greed and stupidity.
    Now they retard developers have finally implemented the solutions I have been suggesting all along:
    – premium ammo, more pen, less damage
    – arty less damage, less players per team

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