The Improved Matchmaker Is Almost Here!


After a huge number of tests, both open and closed, and an especially successful open test in the European region, we are ready to launch the new matchmaker globally. On 3 April 2019, you’ll be able to fully appreciate how the updated matchmaker changes battles quality for the better and makes World of Tanks more enjoyable than ever!     

New Matchmaking: What’ll Be Different?

Let us briefly recall how the improved matchmaker will now assemble battles. Our main goals are:

  • To reduce the number of battles with machines two-tiers higher (especially for Tier VI and VIII vehicles) and redistribute them into battles with tanks of the same tier and one-tier lower
  • To make battles more enjoyable for Premium Vehicles with preferential matchmaking. Now those of you who have these machines in your Garage will be less frequently getting matched with vehicles one-tier higher and more often with adversaries of the same tier and one-tier lower  

We’ll achieve these goals by adding dynamic templates that can quickly adapt to the queue evolution, for both two-tier and three-tier battles. Here is a preliminary list of dynamic templates, which we’re introducing:

  • 7-8, 6-9, and 4-11 for two-tier battles
  • 4-5-6 and 4-4-7 for three-tier battles

The 3-5-7 and the 5-10 systems are also possible, but you’ll face them less frequently – for example, if the queue structure is non-standard. This can happen if there are too many vehicles of the same class or specific machines in the queue. For example, if there are some battle missions specifically for TDs, and TDs make up 50%+ of all vehicles in the queue.

What Will Happen to The Waiting Time?

Just like we outlined previously, the waiting time for solo players may slightly increase and will depend on the current situation in the queue. The waiting time for Platoons may increase a bit more, but the enjoyment in each battle should also increase. Most likely, you won’t notice a significant difference in the queuing time compared with the previous version of the matchmaker.

We’re confident that new dynamic templates will make battles more enjoyable for all of you. Roll into battle and share your feedback, it’s crucial for the further improvement of the matchmaker!

0 thoughts on “The Improved Matchmaker Is Almost Here!

  1. Won’t change a thing when it comes to lopsided wins/losses, you could change it to all the same tier and it wouldn’t change a thing. Until they address player balance in MM nothing will change significantly. At least they aren’t going to block XVM, that way we can still keep an eye on how badly the teams are stacked.

    1. There will never be a “player balance” in randoms. That’s the whole point of “pubs”, everybody is playing with everybody.

      1. You CAN have player balance in pubs, for you to state otherwise is BS. It would take some coding that would include “tiering” of players based on say their PR and then looking at the players in the que and balancing the players for each “tier” between the teams. For example:
        You join que in tier 9 tank:
        there are 60 players in que and say that 30 of them are in the +/-2 (or whatever MM for tanks), there are 8 players in the 2k-3k tier, 3 players in the 6k-7k tier, 3 players in the 5k-6k tier, 7 players in the 3k-4k tier, and 9 players in the 4k-5k tier. MM would calculate an average PR for all the players by trying to split each tier 1/2 and then make up the teams that way, in the case of platoons it would have to do some calculating to figure out how best to try to have equal average PR for the teams, it could mean that a platoon of unicums end up with 1/2 the team being players with 2k-3k PR. I’m sure unis won’t like that and will complain, but since unis are a minority will WG listen to them more or than the majority of their players?

    2. hey, i’ve played with this new MM in sea for a while now i think it’s actually good (not perfect tho), especially for powercreeped and underpowered tanks.

      1. I’m also on SEA and the mm changes are a definite improvement. There are occasional +/- 2 tier games, but mainly +/- 1 or single tier.

    3. Seth H forget about it, it s good there are people like you in minority… the whinners in WOT are disgusting… when its not tier 8 MM, which i find OK 😉 then there is someone whinning about skill or whatever MM… Just be better, learn the mechanics, open your eyes, look on minimap, search for ADEQUATE!!! targets when you are bottom and everythin will be fine… I play WOT from 2011, have 2k wn8 and a lot things got better in time… my message to crybabies: just STFU and get better players!

      1. Wow John, you are one of the arrogant f@@@s that respond with the same way to comments that state FACT. Congrats on the 2k wn8, but then based on your response it doesn’t surprise me that you are a stat whore. I may not be a 2k wn8 but I am above average and I have been playing almost as long as you, but I do keep an eye on what MM does to the teams in my matches and I have screen shots to back up my statements.
        Here is a pro tip for you, don’t respond to comments calling people “crybabies” and telling them to STFU because it just exposes you for the asshat you are.

        1. Well, sorry to say, but I’m with John on this one. I’m playing since 2013, have played 12k battles and have never given any fuck about WN8. Last time I played (May 2018) I had 2,1k WN8 and I don’t consider myself a good player. It amazes me when people are actually worse at the game than me, with more battles played.
          John is actually quite right. WoT is not about physical skills, like sublime reflexes and stuff. WoT is about making the right choices and recognizing situations. And those skills come automatically with time, if you have your eyes open during your battles. I can imagine that not everyone has the reflexes to be a good player in Call of Duty or games like that, but WoT is just about not making stupid decissions.
          I always do the stuff that seem logic to me. And only that made me a ‘blue’ player, apparantly. For whatever the f*ck it’s worth.
          The only thing I don’t agree with John is the part about whiners. The MM is bad, and every one that says that the MM is bad, does not have to be a whiner. They are practically right. 🙂
          I might be playing some games this weekend, I’m curious about the MM.

      2. I just realized why you posted the way you did, you are afraid to face balanced teams. You realized that it would hurt your wn8,

        1. Yeah, you got me 😀 exact point you wrote last… balanced teams dont give you epic games, in balanced team i cant farm yellows, oranges, but against stronger team then i pull the best out of me to be competetive or even better what the purple doesnt expect…. then the victory is even more deserved… sorry but i still think balanced teams according to WN8 or rating arent the solution for this game… and WG realises this, they never give out the balanced teams MM. There is the Ranked battles for this….

        2. Dude, let it go. MM is shit, playerbalance should be integrated in the MM, but don’t bash on other people who are actually good at the game. Don’t blame other people for your own incompetence. I bet you are one of those guys that still have to be carried after 25k battles or so.

  2. Great. So that means they will buff my IS-6 since it sees equal tier games even more often then? As that’s why I don’t play mine. Zero chance with that pen vs the more common HT targets there of late. As that’s one of the few tanks this new MM is not ideal for. While for my T26E4… that will be perfect.

  3. wtf, no battles with tier 8s vs tier 6s again?? thats much worse than MM 357….. >.<

  4. What does “these machines” mean on “premium vehicles with preferred MM”? globally, or certain tiers?

  5. Be a bloody miracle ….
    If it works “anywhere” near as Wargame promised it will do
    History has shown Wargame on average over the years to be Liars, broken promises, so many times, over and over
    of course if its true! and a success? as seen by there player community over the rest of this year?
    then WOT will only get bigger and stronger as a game ))as it almost did – but failed (lies broken promises sigh) way was back in 2015
    lets be optimistic yeah?

  6. The problem that still remains is the matchmaking with the platoons.
    Too penalized.
    Always at the bottom of the list and always with better enemy teams.

  7. It seems to be an improvement. It would be better if player skill would be involved in the matchmaking. That shouldn’t be that hard. If the MM can spread out vehicle classes even, it’s only one step further to swap good/bad players from both teams. It’s stupid that one team gets the red/yellow players and the other the green/blue players.
    You will never get perfectly even teams, but it only can get better when the MM does at least something.
    It wouldn’t prevent battles from being one-sided, because when one flank falls, the rest of the team will fall quickly afterwards. However, it’s plausible that battles will last longer. And that’s a good thing.
    Hopefully the goldammo changes and the global rebalance will also turn out to be any better. Maybe I will reinstall WoT. I hope it will be playable again anytime soon.

  8. Finally! Only thing worse than 3/5/7-Lowtier-almost-every-Game-in-my-fucking-IS3 is 25% rng

  9. I love new MM… Much better than it was… Teams are more balanced and my JT88 after 2 years saw some tier VI cookies… Nice improvement …

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