The Improved Matchmaker Is Almost Here!


After a huge number of tests, both open and closed, and an especially successful open test in the European region, we are ready to launch the new matchmaker globally. On 3 April 2019, you’ll be able to fully appreciate how the updated matchmaker changes battles quality for the better and makes World of Tanks more enjoyable than ever!     

New Matchmaking: What’ll Be Different?

Let us briefly recall how the improved matchmaker will now assemble battles. Our main goals are:

  • To reduce the number of battles with machines two-tiers higher (especially for Tier VI and VIII vehicles) and redistribute them into battles with tanks of the same tier and one-tier lower
  • To make battles more enjoyable for Premium Vehicles with preferential matchmaking. Now those of you who have these machines in your Garage will be less frequently getting matched with vehicles one-tier higher and more often with adversaries of the same tier and one-tier lower  

We’ll achieve these goals by adding dynamic templates that can quickly adapt to the queue evolution, for both two-tier and three-tier battles. Here is a preliminary list of dynamic templates, which we’re introducing:

  • 7-8, 6-9, and 4-11 for two-tier battles
  • 4-5-6 and 4-4-7 for three-tier battles

The 3-5-7 and the 5-10 systems are also possible, but you’ll face them less frequently – for example, if the queue structure is non-standard. This can happen if there are too many vehicles of the same class or specific machines in the queue. For example, if there are some battle missions specifically for TDs, and TDs make up 50%+ of all vehicles in the queue.

What Will Happen to The Waiting Time?

Just like we outlined previously, the waiting time for solo players may slightly increase and will depend on the current situation in the queue. The waiting time for Platoons may increase a bit more, but the enjoyment in each battle should also increase. Most likely, you won’t notice a significant difference in the queuing time compared with the previous version of the matchmaker.

We’re confident that new dynamic templates will make battles more enjoyable for all of you. Roll into battle and share your feedback, it’s crucial for the further improvement of the matchmaker!

Get Ready to Try Out the New Matchmaker


Last month we talked about our plans for the Matchmaker in 2019. As we continue our efforts to make World of Tanks even more enjoyable to play, we will test the new Matchmaker on the European servers for a few days in near future. To avoid different playing behaviour during this test, we will not share the exact date or timeframe. This allows us to get the best and most accurate results.

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