April Specials (EU)

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Great specials await you this month, with World of Tanks celebrating yet another anniversary, classic events coming back, and specific vehicles under the spotlight. Take a sneak peek at the April specials here:

Top of the Tree:

1 April-30 April: Get ready to climb up a new Tech Tree! Its identity will soon be revealed. Stay tuned.

Discounts, missions and bonuses on a whole line (AMX 50 B)!

Crew is Crucial:

6-8 April: You know it and you love it, Crew is Crucial is back and ready to beef up your favourite crews.
x3 Crew XP on your battles

Happy 8th Anniversary:

12-15 April: Celebrate the anniversary of World of Tanks with us, and get ready for massive discounts on vehicles, rewarding missions, and more!
As for any other birthday or anniversary, the presents won’t be revealed until the day comes.

General Maintenance:

20-22 April: It’s maintenance time! Take a look at your tanks and check if your crews are ready for battle with this special.

Missions featuring XP and plenty of rewards 

Tiger Day:

27-29 April: All the Tigers of our game will roar for this new special, entirely dedicated to this iconic line of vehicles!
x2 XP on all victories aboard a Tiger

Choose Your Difficulty:

30 April-3 May: At the end of the month, put your skills to the test with this special.
Missions to win up to +150% more XP per battle

Ready Up:

2-5 April: Let’s get ready for another month with a series of chained missions featuring Personal Reserves, consumables and even some pieces of equipment.

Tons of Personal Reserves and consumables

Team Effort:

9-12 April: Take one for the team with this special, featuring a lot of Personal Reserves, consumables and Garage slots.
Garage slots, consumables and Personal Reserves up for grabs


16-19 April: Work, work, work, work, commanders! There’s beauty in repetition. The more missions you complete, the larger the rewards.

Pile up some consumables

Xtra Progress:

23-26 April: The definition didn’t change from one month to another. XP still means Xtra Progress in April, and you can earn plenty of XP with this special!
Great sums of XP

XP Fever:

27-29 April: The fever is rising once again! Catch it and win great sums of XP.


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