11 thoughts on “Swedish Medium Branch Concept

  1. The hightier vehicles look like spaceships, cool but it doesn’t really fit into the game. Tbh the fact that these vehicles have a rotateable turret AND the “Siegemode“ is a bit too much, at the same time the Leopard 1 hasn‘t a stabilized gun…

    1. the leopard we have in game had no stalibizer irl, it’s a myth i believe the first leopard to have a stabilizer is the leopard 1a5

  2. if i remember correctly they said that the STB should have the same mechanic, wondering if they will implement it once they rebalance the line

    1. The E-10 once upon a time was also planned for the game but was dropped because it needed that mechanic
      Now the mechanic has been in the game for a while and the E-10 status is forgotten for good or bad.
      As one can expect of anything that isn’t a russian tank

  3. well, they do look kinda futuristic. and tanks from the 70s in WoT? debatable.

    but as far as I got the dev video, the MTs do not get a siege mode, but instead “only” the suspension, granting additional gun depression, while you drive slow enough.

    What I don’t like tight now but will wait for results of ST: very high gdp plus very hard turret? -> sounds like more HEAT-spamming, just what the game really needs.

  4. pretty much what Mizutayio had proposed with the exception of the Tier 9, he had proposed the UDES 14A and WG chose the UDES 16

  5. From the Facebook post on WoT, these things will have half the potential gun depression when not using the “air” suspension. For example, tier 10 has -6 degrees, but only when using the suspension it will have -13 degrees. Same for the tier 8.

    Also, the turret thickness seems bad on the tier 10, only 95mm. I guess it’s the angle that makes them an auto-bounce zone, maybe combined with the suspension increasing the angle even more.

    The Tier 10 has 460 alpha with 2600 DPM, while the tier 8 will have 360 alpha with 1878 DPM. At least that’s for now, everything is subject to change.

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