Supertest: Swedish heavy tanks

Welcome to the Supertest the preliminary versions of the updated Emil I (Tier VIII), Emil II (Tier IX), and Kranvagn (Tier X)!

All of these tanks have a well-armored turret, excellent gun depression, and a four-shell autoloader. Currently, the Swedish autoloader tanks are too much like those from other nations; their magazines inflict lots of damage but take long to reload. In this time the tanks stop being active combatants for a relatively long period of time. This is something we want to tweak.

The plan is to re-arrange the Scandinavians’ play pattern and make them reload faster—by shortening the full reload time and upping the alpha damage. The price is one round taken away from the clip. This way, your tank will find itself in the “just about to reload” state much more often and catching you with your gun down should become more complicated, hitting your adversaries faster and harder. Additionally, the top 120-mm gun in the branch will take less time between shots; together with other adjustments, this will bolster the Kranvagn’s damage per minute by more than 20%.

As always, these changes are not final, more may happen depending on test results. Make sure to follow the news and good luck in every battle!

Good Luck and Good Hunting!


53 thoughts on “Supertest: Swedish heavy tanks

    1. Maybe they should put in the T58 heavy, same hull and turret with an autoloading 155 mm gun from T30 😉

    1. The only reason behind this buff, (not saying its not a deserved buff) is money… how else would they make people buy a premium crew trainer emil.. if a line is shitty nobody wants to play it. Might aswell quickly buff it before they release the premium for that line. Scummy wg trying its hardest.

  1. Mobility is still trash and gold ammo penettration of the IX-X tiers should be at least 310mm, Emil I 260mm. And also stabilization should be better too.

  2. Well, seeing as the guns are still really derpy when you fire them at anything further away than 50m, I don’t really see how increasing their damage and making them fire faster between shots would make them better, while also loosing that 4th shot that is badly needed sometimes.

    1. This whole buff is just a bad joke, the Alpha and reload weren‘t the weakness of this line…

  3. The trick is, WG always “fix” those lines that are not popular, make them OP and you gonna either spend gold exchange exp or be fked by those new OP tanks. Think about the old FV4005, FV215b, Obj263, Obj430,from least populars line all the way to most popular lines, and about E100? too many people own it and nobody cares about that old weak nacked poor german, and his precursor King Kitty!

    1. They’ll never buff the E100 to anything good, neither will they buff the King Tiger. If they do that they think that they are supporting the nazi cause for some reason, meanwhile the Red Army rape of europe is completely fine by WG standards.

        1. Because if you look at what they added to the game these recent years it is like blatant propaganda for the old soviet regime. Anti-german and Anti-western ideals are really high at WG when it comes to the tanks in this game and it mostly started when the Defender came out, plastered with soviet propaganda ontop of the tank. Meanwhile a tank like the Mauerbrecher got called out by people for being nazi propaganda with its “Ein Berlin”, which referenced the fall of the Berlin wall, not some nazi slogan.

          I just don’t get why people just laugh off the soviet atrocities and warcrimes while germans are reminded every fucking day of what the nazis did. None of them were the good guys and history should remember them as being equally bad.

          1. In CIS countries soviet symbolism is considered to be nearly as bad as nazi symbols. On RU we don’t even have Wallbreaker because of “Ein Berlin” text, so yeah. And tbh soviet crimes are not nearly as bad as nazi ones, so there is that.

  4. Only thing that needed to be improved with this tanks is gun handling… You aim for ages and still cant hit shit, make gun handling better and increase penetration of standard rounds to 270.

  5. Wg forget their own golden rule of autoloaders:

    2/3 of magazine will hit, 1/3 will miss completely OR bounce OR be absorbed by tracks ( when shooting at russian tanks).

    Other golden rule: golden rule does NOT apply to russian autoloaders.

    Now kragnavan thingy has 3 shots, 2 for dmg and one to watch do nothing and disappoint the owner.
    If you shoot at a russian tank with it, shot could very well just disappear into thin air as it flies towards target.

  6. Not to debate the Swedes don’t need looking at. But there is far more long neglected tech tree content, like Chinese and some of the US med lines for example, that need attention before the Swedes heavies do.

    Also the ever increase of Alpha values, especially on tier 8, is not a welcome development.

    The Swedes heavies would be better of with a slight gun handling buff. As do a lot of neglected content in this game.
    IMO there is not a lot of tanks that need Alpha buffs to make them comfortable, because that’s already signature which does not need to be exaggerated further.

  7. Wargame developers & managers mostly (not all) seemigly spend most of there time snorting coke with Vodka and expensive ‘escorts’ to unwind after a hard days err Vodka )) which we the EU servers pay for btw .

    that’s the only explanation for the mostly shit ideas and dumb ass fixes to WOT that only WG thinks are important

    and yes Germany with the Tiger 2 is a good example
    ~ of the shit for brains people that work at WG Cyprus/ Minsk .. its all now about big then BIGGER Armour for Russian Vehicles with big BIGGER Russian guns ..

    blame it on the free Vodka, otherwise?

    1. Yeah, except WG promised they will look into problematic vehicles this year, including E100 and Kranvagn lines. I think YOU should snort less coke and think before you type some retarded nonsense in the comments.

      1. Yes, they’ve have promised that. They’ll probably do it, too, but to be honest, they’ve taken too much time with it. How long since they started their insane Russian buff bonanza? Two years? Three years? I’m sick and tired of waiting.

  8. Emil I: From 1761,46 to 2204,08 dpm = 25.12% dpm increase
    Emil II: From 1920,38 to 2555,66 dpm = 33,08% dpm increase
    Kranvagn: From 2285,71 to 2933,33 dpm = 28,33% dpm increase

    Holy Moly, those are some huge dpm buffs.
    Still the problem wasnt really the dpm, it was the bad gunhandling and sluggish mobility.

    1. Yes but everybody cried like fucking childsexslaves in a dungon that they are OP as fuck for their mobility, armor and gun. It really makes me wonder why big parts of the community don’t have a person who looks after them

  9. the only reason i don’t like this change is because they have special ammo to guarantee the bullshit new alpha. completely offsets the pen balancing factor. if the premium ammo nerf comes though, this change would be damn amazing.

  10. Hahaha, still 300mm premium pen. Sorry WG but I’m still not going to grind for garbage that can’t pen your newest bobjects

  11. Ok good changes, yet the real problem with these tanks has always been the really shit penetration of gold rounds, and the unreliable gun handling even at medium ranges. If anything the good rounds should be buffed a little and gun handling buffed. I’d be much happier with this. As it is, it would be getting s buff to fling ammo out faster and still be relatively inaffective st hitting its mark. You sin for a weak point, unless your up close you know in the back of you mind it had almost no chance of hitting it. With most other tanks you don’t get that feeling at teir 10 at least. Except the dreadful stb1 of course, that is in dire need of a buff to its gun handling. As it is the stb1 has shit handling, shit armor and shit mobility compared to its rivals. Come on!

  12. Before introduction of couple of OP Russian tanks, for years they were neglected. No one argued then. Now we have 430u wich has terrible accuracy and shell velocity, 268 v4 wich is nerfed to hell and defender, heavy tier 8 (horrible to play against tier 10). For me still 3 best tanks are S. Conq (precise, high dpm, inpenetrable turret, good depression), E50 (fast, agile, laser precise, hull tough as of E75), T92 American arty (splash is insane, still can one-shot soft tanks, and longest stun). So cut with the whining. We don’t need Rambo again who will kill 1000 Russians single-handedly.

  13. The main thing kranvagn is lacking is the gun. Handling is shit and pen is low. This makes kranvagn bad pick for randoms and clan wars. They fixed reload, which is fantastic, but I still think they need to adress either the handling, penetration or maybe oveall mobility

  14. the DPM buff needs to be toned down or not there at all. these things in the right positions are already dishing out damage.

    Emil 1 = 3 shells of 360 alpha reloaded in 21~ (+1 intraclip) seconds.
    EMIL 1951 = 3 shells of 320 alpha in 30~ seconds. WHAT?

    why are these 120mm guns dealing 440 alpha while other 120mm guns are still dealing 390-400?
    i suggest the alpha be reduced to 340 (for emil 1) and 420 (for II and Kran) and no further reload buffs for compensation.

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