Update 1.4.1: Join the Common Test

Spring is right around the corner, and alongside the new season, a fresh update is coming to World of Tanks! In the upcoming Update 1.4.1, we will treat you to special gifts called “Random Rewards” and a new feature, Blueprints. In addition, we’re introducing new opportunities for Crew customization, Crew Skins

Okay, let’s get down to the heart of the matter.

Random Rewards

With Update 1.4.1, we’re introducing “Random Rewards”. As you may have guessed, these will drop with a certain probability when playing Tier V-X vehicles. They will be awarded for a strong performance in battle, so: the more effective your actions and the higher you are in your team by experience earned (top 3, top 5, etc.), the more likely you are to get a Random Reward. After each battle in which you could, but didn’t receive a Reward, the probability of getting one in the next battle increases.

Okay, what exactly are these Random Rewards?

To celebrate your performance in battle, you can earn:

  • Consumables
  • Credits
  • Bonds
  • Blueprints
  • And some more

Please note: the composition and the frequency for receiving Random Rewards for the Common test are not final. After the release of the Update, we’ll change both of these parameters. Now we want you to test this new feature and share your feedback.

In your Garage there will be a special “probability indicator” that displays the chance of getting a Random Reward. It will be implemented as a special icon with three gradations, each of which shows the probability of receiving a Reward in future battles. When you receive a Random Reward the probability is reset and the process repeats.

NOTE: The probability of receiving Random Rewards is influenced not only by your actions, but also by your behavior on the battlefield. If you break the game rules, then your probability of receiving a Random Reward for a given battle won’t increase.

There will be 2 types of Random Rewards: small and large. The first four rewards you earn will be small and the fifth will be large and of course, the contents of a large reward will be more valuable.

Pay attention: Random Rewards do not accumulate and open immediately upon receipt (at the end of a battle).            

Now for the exciting part – what are these Blueprints we are offering? Let’s dig into the details. 


Please note: This is a brief overview. A dedicated article will be coming soon, going into more detail on this new feature.

Blueprints are special content items that you can get from Random Rewards and can be used to get discounts when you research new tanks.

The higher the vehicle Tier, the more Blueprints it’s made up of and with every Blueprint you receive, your discount grows. This means if you collect every single Blueprint of a specific tank, you will receive a 100% XP discount on the research cost of the vehicle.

NOTE: Blueprints can only be obtained from Random Rewards. They are not purchasable for Credits, Gold or real money.    

You don’t have to collect all the Blueprints to take advantage of them, but the more you have, the bigger the discount you will receive.

Blueprints will drop at random and are available for vehicles of all branches and nations from Tier II to Tier X, including vehicles that you have already researched. To make it easier for you to track the number of collected Blueprints, we’ll introduce special progress bars, divided into sections. After receiving a Blueprint, one of the respective sections will be filled in.  

If you get a Blueprint for a vehicle, which you have either researched or have all the necessary Blueprints already, it will turn into a “national” or a “universal” Blueprint. National Blueprints can be used on any vehicle of a their respective nation (for example, if you receive a national Blueprint for France, it can be used on any vehicle in the French tech tree), while universal Blueprints can be used on any vehicle of any nation.

We also plan to introduce an opportunity to transform Blueprints you don’t need into those that you are looking out for. Please note: you can convert only “national” and “universal” Blueprints, but Blueprints that you already have for a specific tank cannot be converted. You may find out that you already have a discount for some vehicles right in your Research tab.  

1 / 3

Pay attention: The discount will be granted on the research cost of a tank, but not its modules!

Keep an eye out for all the details regarding Blueprints and the future of this feature in a dedicated article to be published later. Stay tuned!

Crew Skins   

Another significant feature of the upcoming update is a new type of customization, Crew Skins. Thanks to this feature, you can momentarily replace Crew members of your vehicles with either real historical figures or fancy, cool and even slightly strange characters.

The first 3 Crew Skins will be credited to your account for free with the upcoming update and just like Blueprints, more Crew Skins will be available in the Random Rewards you earn.

NOTE: We plan to have memes and funny characters that can take place of any Crew members, without restriction of vehicle class or nation. However, Crew Skins with historical personas will have restrictions based on the nation and the specialisation of the Crew member. Crew Skins will be available only in large Random Rewards.         

All regions will have with their own sets of Crew Skins with predefined information (avatar/photo image, first and last name).

You can apply each Crew Skin to only one Crew member, and will have to remove it if you want to use it for another Crew member. Both the application and removal of Crew Skins are free of charge and any unused Crew Skins will be kept in your Personal File.

To apply Crew Skins, you need to go into the Personal File of your Crew members and manually select the desired Skins.


New to testing? Check out our handy guide to public tests.

Eligibility: Cut-off was done on February 15, so all players registered prior to 14 February, 21:59 CETcan participate in test.

Feedback: Please post your general feedback about the test version and bug reports in the special thread on our forum.

Update 1.4.1 Patchnotes


Main changes:


  1. Added functionality of applying paints to Tier VII vehicles
  2. Added additional slots for decals on Tier VIII vehicles
  3. Made some UI improvements


Fixed some issues on the following maps:

  1. Ensk
  2. Westfield
  3. Fisherman’s Bay
  4. Mountain Pass
  5. Serene Coast
  6. Paris
  7. Pilsen
  8. Glacier
  9. Hinterland
  10. Widepark

Blueprints, new functionality:

Blueprints are special content items that can be used to get discounts when you research new vehicles. Every researchable vehicle (starting from Tier II) has Blueprints

  1. Once all Blueprint fragments are collected, no experience is required for researching a corresponding vehicle.
  2. Each Blueprint consists of fragments; their number depends on the vehicle tier. Each fragment increases the discount on researching a particular vehicle.
  3. If a player receives a Blueprint fragment for a vehicle that has already been researched or the player has all Blueprint fragments collected, such Blueprint fragments will be automatically converted to one of the following Blueprint types: universal or national.
  4. A player can get a Blueprint fragment they need by converting a certain number of national or universal Blueprint fragments. The number of Blueprint fragments that are required for researching a vehicle depends on its tier.

Added a new type of rewards: Random Rewards. They may contain various game items, as well as Blueprint fragments. They can be earned in the following way:

  1. With a certain probability in each battle.
  2. If a player does not receive a Random Reward after a battle, the probability of receiving it after the next battle increases. When you receive a Random Reward, the probability is reset and the process repeats.
  3. These rewards can be earned only in Random Battles.
  4. There will be 2 types of Random Rewards: small and large. The first four rewards you earn will be small and the fifth will be large and of course, the contents of a large reward will be more valuable.

Crew Skins:

A crew skin includes the following set of personal data:

  • Unique avatar
  • Unique first and last name
  • Short informational note
  • Unique voiceovers (in some cases)

A crew skin is applied to a crew member and changes their appearance. At the same time, all attributes, experience, Skills and Perks remain unchanged. The application of a crew skin free of charge.

Moreover, Personal Data of crew members can now be changed free of charge.

23 thoughts on “Update 1.4.1: Join the Common Test

  1. So basically they added a reward system for playing that WOWS and WOWP have had for ages. About time. Tho the blueprints sounds interesting. As if you get duplicates, they can be converted to universal etc. So basically… play one tier enough, and you can skip the tank you hate or have pushed away for ages eventually. Or get it done faster. As I have a fair few of those I’ve pushed back for too long.

    1. How would that work? The blueprints give XP discount, and not for the modules. And it gives the discount on a random tank in the techtree. I would say: play a tank often enough and you have the XP to unlock the next anyway..

  2. Wow so important update… How we could live without it… Cosmetic changes without dealing with game killing issues … GG WG

    1. At least they are not making things worse. With Wargaming, that is something. I for one don’t mind if they introduce options for cosmetic changes … they need to make money somehow, after all. The other stuff – random rewards and blue prints – sound like decent ideas as well.

    2. people like you will never be satisfied, that is why WG will never listen to your kind. They are doing some funny stuff for once, and is not maliciously monetized, yet you shit on it. They already promised mm fix in the coming 2 months, what else did you want?

      1. It’s apparent that there’s some purport in the term “consumer” after all.
        We have the tendency to “consume” the fodder given to us by the devs in the same way that we become less and less elated when our parents provide us with sweets the older we get.
        Blame the rapid pace of human evolution for this.

      2. Dear friend I have been here (WoT) from early post Beta when KVAS and Hellcat were the most OP tanks in game and when ELC was scout in tier X games, so I have lived over all mayor changes in last 6 years of game development and with full right and understanding I can tell you that game is dying (maybe even decaying 🙂 ).
        Let’s make it clear I don’t mind these new features like random rewards and blueprints BUT this is like trying not to overcook your diner while your house is in a flames of fire…

        1. lol “dying”
          a lot of free to play bot had left the game nothing else
          its the idiot players fault if they cant adapt to the current metas

  3. They want people to do better in battle and people who lose still will get something for trying as long as they are good sports about it.. So your a cursing cunt no reward for you..

  4. “If you break the game rules, then your probability of receiving a Random Reward for a given battle won’t increase.”

    So if some retard in a wheeled vehicle decides to drive in front of my tank and I hit him for 1 damage I don’t get any more chance of getting a reward.

    Nice, nice.

  5. That blueprint mechanism can turn out to be very interesting. That’s if you get enough of them. If you have to play 10 games to get 10% off a tier 2 tank or a tank you have 0 interest in, then it’s bullshit. We’ll need to see the frequency of blueprints drops and what tanks are actually affected.

  6. Blueprints is shite…They sould increse the xp points for reasearch forcing players to become better and understand how the game works. I have been since 2012 with the game and 15-4 was very rare. Nowdays it s rule of the thumb. Also games like 15-2 even if it s a won for me i don’t like cuase the thrill is gone…

    1. Well said. I think players are rushing tiers to fast and not only ruining the game for themselves but also for others. When I used XVM, especially during marathons, I noticed that far too inexperienced players are trying to play in higher tiers with embarrassing results….now you don’t need xvm to see if it’s a fail team or not.

    2. Unpopular opinion: Why not just implement a boundary where one needs to have played 500 battles before unlocking Tier VI, 1,500 battles before unlocking Tier VIII etc.?

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