Goodbye guys

I’ve been informed that the leaker got fired from WG because of my post on TAP. I am very sorry because it happened. I will not post anymore.

p.s. This has nothing to do with Seb or TAP, just mea culpa.

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  1. To be honest, i dont think this is a thing the guy should be fired or you should stop. Yes, it was leak, yes, if the leaker was found, he should be punished and you should apologize. But thats it, noone was killed, noone was hurt, leaked information wasnt critical or business damaging. You maybe overstepped, he risked and got punished. But in my opinion WG take it too far, same as you.

    1. Agreed. It’s not that the security of the company was compromised, or that anybody took any physical or economical harm. I think Wargaming is overreacting. Think it over, Piromanrs.

  2. Well. I suspect he knew the risks leaking to you. As the same thing did happen the last time a blog had an inside source. WG started to give false info to different branches to figure out what info was leaked. Then they gave false info to the branch there again to narrow it down. So it’s not the first time one got fired due to it.

  3. I think they found out when you Posted his picture up -.- Seriously what DO YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN

  4. He wasn’t fired because you made his information into a post, he was fired for leaking information that wasn’t deemed ready to be disclosed to the public…

    He took risks, and got burned, that’s their fault, not yours…

    1. There is this “guy” that knows much more about WOT, WG and news than I do. I hope he will start posting in next few days if Seb allows that. Otherwise no worries Erwin0859, Seb will post…

  5. You shouldn’t quit because Wargaming reacted to your reporting. That’s not how journalism works. Please reconsider.

  6. That post that eekeeboo reported about coming marathon was the problem, when He saw this post He dar that not He texted that and He will find the real author, seems like He founded,

  7. So… Two tragic news came to us in tge same time…
    Hope i can see you again in the not so far future.
    I always thank to you what you’ve give to us, and You were one of the best guy in this field.

  8. If there was any doubt of he was the source of the leak you may have just confirmed it. Maybe he was planning an appeal or taking them to a tribunal? Maybe they’re innocent. Maybe they were set up? Did you meet them in person or was it electronic communication? Maybe it’s dis-information? Just don’t say anything, and I’d delete this new item for starters. No need for it.

  9. Wasn’t the leak the CC Scheff, who got banned? So much for insider and WG firing someone… and should you rejoince? All I ever read here is hate for wargaming.

  10. WG is a shit company but when you intentionally leak and they find proof they have the right to fire you. Just the way it is.

    Besides it’s the leakers own decision to leak, posting the information on this page is just proper journalism. You haven’t done anything wrong. Don’t blame the messenger.

    That said, I really like updates which state what WG is doing and planning on doing with our money. I therefore feel sad for the poster, but I wouldn’t want to have a company with trusted employees leaking internal affairs.

  11. The leaker should not leak, period.
    And you can’t blaim a news source to bring it to the public.

    Its simple as that.

  12. It is YOUR JOB to find leakers, publish their leaks, and then move on and find another leaker when each prior one is FIRED or KILLED. That is how journalism works, U SHITTER. Do u not read or watch CNN? Everything CNN reports is unsubstantiated leaks.

  13. Sorry but yes, if you breach a NDA you deserve ALL the punishment you can get.

    Let that be a lesson learned, assuming anyone even hires the guy after he did that.

      1. Maybe because it can harm a company. It’s simply something you should never do to your employer. I hope he won’t find job in such company anymore.

  14. Piro, look.

    The leaker developer knew this would happen, if someone recognise this info somewhere on the internet. He knew the risks, he failed, he got fired. It’s his own responsibility to send these leaks or not. Leaking company infos are illegal almost anywhere in the world, and this is the best scenario for him to just get fired. Lawsuits, fines and fees… you name it, there are lots of other, even worse scenarios for that guy, and he got lucky to just get fired.

    You just do, what everybody doing in this world: you just does your job. Get infos from your leakers and informators, creating content, posting it. Being on the track, walk with opened ears and eyes. The guy lost his job, it’s HIS problem, not yours. To be honest, if I send someone leaks and infos, and my comp finds out, and fires me… I would only blame myself.

  15. Why would you go?

    The leaker knows what he is getting himself into, and agreed to do it. This is obviously sad for all parties invovled, but its the way it is – what can you do differently? Your job is the publish those leaked information and you did your job; the leaker did his job by leaking information; WG did their job to fire the leaker because its broken their rule.

    I can share your sadness towards the leaker, but this is absolutely not your fault. Its WG being bitches and non-transparent to its paying customers.

  16. What did you expect from a shit company that blackmails its customers into paying to get back their accounts after charge-backs?

    1. Oh, so you would allow people to continue using the service you are providing after they’ve stolen money from you?

  17. Every company has policies on leaking information, and they usually end in termination. The vitriol about the quality of WG has nothing to do with the fact that they were perfectly within their rights to terminate him. He took the risk, he paid the price.

    Companies also like to run stings, where they release specific information to specific people. This is extremely common as IP is the only value these companies have at the end of the day. Guarding it is part of corporate governance.

    Please dont stop. Next time you might just want to consider that two or more people can corroborate your facts.

  18. Piromanrs

    Well thanks to the WG secret Police aka Eekaboo WOT WG community manager sneaking here onto TAP under false pretenses pretending to be our ‘mate’ when really he was on a infor gathering mission to sack some guy at WG

    how does a Person like that sleep at night?
    and worse
    Piromanrs has left WHICH has fuck all to do with that shit Eekaboo being here on TAP oily bastard
    yeah im annoyed WG should not be sneaking around here, bad enough on the WOT forums

    bye Piro
    a shame a real shame you going

    next time we see Ekkaboo here on TAP expect someone else to be getting the sack
    fuck snake typical WG as well

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