Referral Program 2.0: Regulations

Referral Program 2.0 has come to World of Tanks. Get the lowdown on this new addition below.


The button to access the Referral Program will be located right in your Garage, in the lower left corner. Click on it to go to the Referral Program interface.

An invitation to participate in the Referral Program can be sent to a potential Recruit in the following ways:

  • Sending a generated referral link using chat, mail, etc.
  • Via social media

Clicking on the link will transfer the potential Recruit to the ’Invite’ landing page, then they will be able to create a new account or log in via the portal. To see whether the player is eligible to become a Recruit of the inviting player, a check is performed. If the Recruit passes the check, they should confirm their participation in the Referral Program with the player who sent the link (entering the nickname of the inviting player is mandatory).

Am I Eligible to Be a Commander/Recruit?

Any player who has played 1,000 or more battles in the game is able to become a Commander and invite Recruits.

NOTE: Only two Recruits can be invited every four months. After four months a new period starts and the Commander may invite two new Recruits.

You can be recruited by a Commander if any of the following conditions are met:

  • You are newcomer to World of Tanks or you have 200 or fewer battles
  • You haven’t played within the last 60 days

The Recruit should follow the invitation link that the Commander sent him and join the Referral Program. After that, the Commander will have a Recruit card in the appropriate window.

Completing a Referral Campaign

Referral Program 2.0 will consist of three consecutive stages. To complete each stage, the Commander and their Recruit(s) need to work together and earn 500 Referral Points by accomplishing special missions in Random Battles. All in all, you need to earn 1500 Referral Points for all three stages.

Referral Points are earned for certain actions performed in battle. The conditions of earning Referral Points are displayed in the “Ways of earning Referral Points” interface. The possible conditions are:

  • Causing damage, including assistance damage, that exceeds your vehicle’s own HP (available only to Recruits).
  • Victory (available only to Recruits).
  • Earning awards from a select list (available only to Recruits).
  • Causing a certain amount of damage for playing in the Recruit-Commander Platoon.

Some of the Recruit missions can be performed independently, and others are only available while playing in a Platoon with the Commander as the Referral Points are shared in one “piggy bank”. In the case of Platoon missions, progress will be faster, because the solo and Platoon tasks can be performed at the same time. The Commander has no solo tasks, but they can help their Recruit by playing together.

NOTE: When playing as a Platoon with your Recruit, the Commander will receive 50% more Credits and XP per battle and the Recruit will receive 100% more XP and Credits. If the Recruit plays alone, there is still a bonus – 50% more XP and Credits.

Ending a Referral Contract

They say breaking up is hard to do, but it might be necessary. A referral contract can be ended at any time by any of its participants.

Referral connection can be broken in the following ways:

  1. Context menu on the tile of the player’s referral program, option: Break Referral Connection.
  2. Context menu on the player’s nickname in the interface of referral program completion progress, option: Break Referral Connection.

After ending the referral connection, its participants lose all progress and bonuses. Players keep the rewards received within the Referral Program.

Once the referral connection is concluded, both participants should receive a notification about it.

The Rewards of Referral Program 2.0

Rewards for completed stages:

  • Bonds
  • Emblems
  • Inscriptions
  • Camouflage patterns
  • Awards
  • A badge
  • A 2D style

By winning battles and earning Referral Points, the Commander and their Recruit(s) gradually fill the progress bar. As soon as the first stage is completed, both players receive a reward: 300 Bonds each, an emblem and a medal.

The reward for the second stage: 450 Bonds, an inscription and a medal.

After the completion of the last stage and with it the entire campaign, both receive 750 Bonds, camouflage, a medal, a unique 2D style and the opportunity to choose a Premium tank. The Commander also receives a special badge.

Reward Tanks

  • A Recruit can choose one Tier VI or VII vehicle from a predetermined list (or choose to receive the Credit amount).
  • A Commander will be able to pick up a Premium Tier VIII tank (or choose to receive the Credit amount).

Recruit some friends, roll out and grab your reward tanks and other extras!

20 thoughts on “Referral Program 2.0: Regulations

    1. Why on earth would you want the worst tier 8 med in the game? All the work for it was def not worth it. Played mine 6 times in 2 years.

  1. ok…in video they say that commanders can complete their missions alone, not only together with recruits and on regulations page it says that commanders have no missions for themselves…-,-

    is this stupidity of what the .!K%$?

    can i get tank alone or not??

    1. “ok…in video they say that commanders can complete their missions alone”

      Wrong. In the video they say that the commander can do whatever they want, the recruits can do their missions alone.

      “can i get tank alone or not??”

      Of course but you will have to play on the recruited account.

        1. “By the way, the Commander doesn’t have to fight together with their recruits, they (aka recruits) can complete their missions on their own.”

          1. Problem with the whole thing is the phrasing as it can come off sounding like they’re talking about either the recruit or commander.

            1. With the video itself you are right however with the detailed description you can see that they’ve meant that the recruits can do some missions solo.

              1. More than likely its the usual rough translation rushed through a grammar check. WGNA has always had a bad history when it comes to translating and grammar checking the information they get from the WG HQ.

    1. It does sound like it.
      Missions don’t look too hard either, just grindy. But basically if you can do it over and over this is one way to farm bonds: just make rerolls and seal club like there’s no tomorow.

      1. @DaSpood: That crossed my mind aswell. This sounds too good to be true. Maybe WG will start banning people that use reroll accounts for this? From what I know, they havn’t put up any rules against it, or?

        1. Rerolls have ‘ever been forbidden by WG. You are not allowed to share accounts but you are allowed to have multiple ones afaik (that also makes them a lot of money from people who decide to pay4stats).

          However if it started being exploited like that maybe they’d forbid it? Who knows.

  2. yeah, just reward a new player with a tier VI-VII premium. this is what wot needs – more baboons ofc

    1. Just after playing a shit ton of games that would get the new player a regular tier 6 or 7 anyways.

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