Insider news 04.02.2019.

With the release of patch 1.4 we will get an event called Pedal to the Metal. It’s about the wheeled vehicles and as a reward we can get the Gendron Somua tier II premium vehicle.

Frontline will start on the 11st of February (but this is already known)

Between the 21st of February and 6th of March we will get a marathon for the Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10)

p.s. These news are NOT confirmed!

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  1. Anyone else bored with the wheeled things yet? They will just be annoying and spoil the game. Guess the uniscums will have something new to moan about.

  2. Perhaps the only reason I was waiting for this patch was the EBR 75, and now I’m told it’ll only came late this month?

    WG can shove their marathons up their dirty, hairy buttocks.

      1. Recent premiums such as Progetto 46, Caernarvon AX and SU-130PM have all been released through marathons first, meaning people either had to buy the full bundle, or at least grind a few steps of the marathon to lower the price and make it a bit more affordable.

        Personally I would rather they release a new premium in the usual Standard – Ultimate – Supreme format as they used to do. Marathons allow players to get new stuff at a discount or for free, but they’re also a convenient excuse to sell the new premium bundled with a heap of junk many of us did not ask for.

      2. Marathons first started out by being something between a gift and a grind. Players could earn a premium tank by playing a few hours extra each day and as a gift they got a premium tank that otherwise would have costed real money. However, as time went on, WG started moving these marathons away from the gift aspect and instead more towards the grind aspect. Result is that now we have marathons that force you to play for 6-8 hours per day as minimum if you want to complete the marathon. Or, you can pay, which kind of defeats the whole point of a marathon. Basically WG turned a marathon into a discount. That’s what’s wrong with marathons.

        1. Are you kidding me? Marathons were never “gifts”, lmao. Grinding 100k exp on all nations doesn’t sound like a gift to me. Why should you get a tier 8 premium for free without trying very hard? And maybe it sounds weird, but YOU DON’T HAVE TO GRIND EVERY SINGLE MARATHON.

          1. @WorldEater: No, I’m not kidding you. You asked me what’s wrong with marathons, and I told you. If that explanation is not good for you, then that’s not my problem. And next time read properly what I write. I wrote that in the past marathons where a *combination* between a gift and a grind. In other words, they where easier before than they’re now. Now WG has turned the marathons into such grind fests, that you’re forced to play 6-8 hours per day if you want the tank without paying. Basically they’ve turned marathons into discounts, and that’s the problem. Marathons used to be the F2P way of getting a premium tank, but that’s not possible anymore unless you’re willing to completely no-life the game for the next 2 weeks, which most people can’t, because they have a real life to attend to.

              1. @WorldEater: That’s because you don’t want to see the big change. Having to play 2-3 hours extra per day, or having to play 7-8 hours extra per day *is* a big change. If not, what’s a big change for you? 10 hours extra? 15 hours extra? 20 hours extra? At what point does it become a big change for you? When you can no longer sleep and cook your own food? I get the impression that you don’t “see any big changes here” because either 1) you’re a WG fanboy defending whatever decisions they make or 2) you’re not actually taking part in the marathon so you’ve not noticed any difference.

                  1. Here you go:
                    01.09.2015, WZ-111 marathon, 30 days duration. Do 945’000 damage and 945 kills in total, that’s about 31’500 damage and 32 kills each day. If you do 2000 damage and 2 kills on average, that’s about 16 battles per day. Notice that it’s 16 battles and not 16 wins. If we say that the average battle time in WoT is 7 minutes, keeping in mind that you can already start a new battle in case you get killed early, then these 16 battles will take about 112 minutes, or 1 hour and 52 minutes.

                    Now let’s compare that to the latest marathon:
                    30.11.2018, SU-130PM, 10 days duration. Get 253’000 base experience in total, that’s about 25’300 base experience each day. If you get 500 experience on average, that’s about 51 battles per day. Notice that bad lose streaks will make this even worse. If we say that the average battle time in WoT is 7 minutes, keeping in mind that you can already start a new battle in case you get killed early, then these 51 battles will take about 357 minutes, or 5 hours and 57 minutes.

    1. Really? you’re complaining about that when the tank campaign just ended, patch is coming this week, and next week we have a full week of frontline. Its logical to space things out so that there is a continous flow of events to keep people playing and spending money on the game.

  3. i think it’s sensible not to release a wheeled premium tank too early – before they see the wheeled things work on the live server. If the thing was OP, we’d be stuck with it with no possibility of a nerf. Not that I’m interested in these being in the game anyway.

    Any thoughts on how a top tier wheeled vehicle would do against tier 4s and 5s?

  4. seriously you make me laugh !!!

    Always wanting new content ! when new content comes, you cry saying : “ho no my stupid heavy tank will not be so OP now … light too will be OP ….”

    seriously if you are not happy : get out of this game !

  5. I welcome wheeled tanks, but I don’t hope they become the new T-50-2 Benny Hill tanks we had in the past…

    1. It will the EBR 105.. Was reduced alot but.. Its a benny hill tank.. its like Playing F-zero 1990

  6. The only reason i will sometimes play that game (very few times), will be new CS premium vehicle. Because finally my country get a premium tank.

    Wheeled vehicles will totally destroy this game. I have no idea how WG could even allow those vehicles enter to the game.

      1. “Stale meta”? You call it stale when battles are over in about 5-7 minutes on average? WoT used to be a tactical shooter where patience was important, and what people like you want to do with this game is to transform it into a tank-themed Call of Duty where people rush in and do as much kills in as short amount of time as possible. Maybe you should play Call of Duty instead if you think that WoT is too stale? These clown cars does not belong in this game, and they will sit next to artillery on the list of vehicles that should be removed from the game.

        1. By “stale meta” I mean boring campfests with invisible TDs in bushes and tedious corridor “brawls”. With new lights in game people will have to change their playstyle, they will have to adapt. Timings will change, old OP positions will no longer be so strong, people will play differently. Even a little bit differently. Even for a little while. I welcome that.

  7. well, my biggest concern/anger with so many tanks coming through marathons: during event itself people can get the a bit cheaper/rather cheap (depending on their time to grind).

    but any time WG sells those tanks afterwards, they are way more expensive than “standard” premiums and WG has a really good excuse to ask this higher price. think only of T-44-100, Progetto or SU-130PM …
    The T-44-100 has a gold price of 12500, the Progetto costs 11000. other tier 8 prem-meds are about 7500 (STA-2, Cent 5/1 RAAC, Revalorisé even ancient prems like SPershing or Panther 8,8) or roughly 9000 (T-54 Prot. or STG Guard).

    1. I think the Progetto is 11000 because it’s an autoreloader. The Lorraine costs 10700 gold too and that one has an autoloader but it wasn’t featured in a marathon yet.

      On the other hand the 12500 gold price for the T-44-100 is unjustified in my opinion. It should be somewhere between 8500 and 9200 gold.

      SU-130PM costs the same in gold as the Skorpion G. The currently avaiable Standard SU-130PM package costs roughly the same money as the Skorpion G Standard package was too.

  8. LOL? I cannot share this link on facebook, not even in porivate message..this is sick…

    @seb: you better stop posting pictures of “traitor to the nation” like E. Snowden

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