Supertest: TVP T 27

Today we start the closed test of the TVP T 27: A Tier VIII Czechoslovakian Premium medium tank sporting an autoloader. Gameplay is like the top-tier vehicles of the same nation, but less powerful due to being lower-tier. The crew composition is the same as the top-tier one.

The autoloader drum holds three rounds and takes 20 seconds to fully reload. The between shot reload time is 1.8 seconds. The tank is armed with an 88-mm gun dealing 240 points of alpha damage, most effectively used at close to mid-range. The gun has an aiming time of 1.9 seconds and dispersion of 0.38 at 100 meters.

Among the other characteristics, the strengths of this tank are its gun depression and mobility. The vulnerabilities are consequences of its relatively large and poorly armoured hull.

As always, the tank’s parameters may change depending on the results of testing. Make sure to follow the news. 

26 thoughts on “Supertest: TVP T 27

    1. Since the tech tree version is tier for tier among the worst tanks in the game, that’s not saying much.

      1. Tier for tier the worst tank is the Tier 5 Churchill GC.

        The TVP VTU is just a slightly worse Panther 88.

        1. wrong, worst tank tier for tier is the AMX 65t. I will die on the hill that its the worst fucking thing in the whole game. it has no role whatsoever and poor stats in nearly everything.

            1. AMX65t is absolutely terrible, it has NO redeeming factors. Even Churchill Game Carrier has something going for it, like amazing gun. TVP VTU and T-34-2 are mediums and they have mobility, VTU also have decent gun selection and 34-2 has some useful turret armor. 65t has nothing.

      2. Saying that the tech tree version is one of the worst if not the worst tier 8 medium isnt even relevant in that case because it has no effect on the premium being just better. Also this one fits the playstyle even better than the tech tree one. same with progetto that should have been the tree version not the panthera

        1. I’ve been saying the same about a lot of tanks that came out recently, but the logic behind it is pretty simple. WG wants tanks that match up with the tier 9/10 in looks/playstyle as premiums, not oddballs that don’t match like in the past.

    1. You can’t say that.
      It’s just different and depends on playstyle.
      It has far shorter drum reload compared to the lorraine and far shorter interdrum reload compared to lorraine and progetto.
      It fits much better to my playstyle so for me its the best of the three vehicles.

  1. Finally, a new Czech tank! It’s a shame it ain’t a regular tech tree T8, since its playstyle is much more fitting than the TVP VTU… God, that tank is trash.

  2. This tank isn’t that great for most of the People, the penetration is just awful and it’s also huge but has no Armor. The tank is really only suitable for players who can handle tanks with Cardboard armor, and know how to play an Autoloader correctly.

  3. To all rufe comments about a pen buff: not SO long ago, 200mm would have been among the best of tier 8 meds. And today this is considered bad …

    For the tank itself, it looks pretty interesting. Let’s see how much WG will charge for it.

  4. Glad the CZ/SK line is finally getting their dedicated Tier 8 premium, looks interesting. Now let’s hope WG won’t smoke socks and charge an outrageous price for it…

      1. Dispersion and aim time?

        That’s gun handling.

        Shell velocity would be good to know, but im sure its probably standard around 1000 m/sec anyway

        The dispersion while moving/turning turret etc aren’t nearly as important as the static gun handling (aim time/dispersion)

      2. You’re referring to the soft stats (i.e. stats not visible in game client or published by WOT).

  5. They will eventualy put on sale the Somua SM, Defender, and IS-3A, the only tanks that deserves real money. Stop buying pixels and keep only one money maker prem tank with the best armor, best pen, and best DPM

  6. They should make the intra-clip 1.75 or 1.66, aim time good enough to hold click, and default shell apcr to reduce pen and increase shell velocity. also for uniqueness sake

    1. proggeto intraclip is 2s, this TVP is a joke. proggeto pen is 212. this is 202. give it APCR and 1.5 intra clip or something.

  7. Unfortunately, this is a fake tank.
    Another fake tank, like SU-130PM or Caernarvon Action X.

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