19 thoughts on “T95 / FV4201 Chieftain style

    1. its like superconq and 113 child, with positives from both and only negative its DPM

      1. 907 isn’t all that great tbh… it still plays just like all the other russian meds in tier10, and what you get on top of that is a tank that gets ammoracked quite often, the roof and the coupolas gets penned all the time.. its better sidescraper to some degree than the others but the turret sucks imo. Gun is meh.. trolls you a lot, and if you ask me its better to pick something like the chieftain if you want to get something unique that plays differently, than other tanks, or at least looks different. I don’t understand why everybody makes such a big hype around 907, i don’t feel like its all that great. Then again… personal preferance.

        1. I can’t tell if this is a troll post.

          907 is by far the best tier 10 tank in the game.

          Why? Because it can do everything.

          It has armor, speed, dpm, and gun handling.

          “Turret sucks” – are you high?

          There’s a reason it’s the #1 most played tank in CW.

          1. 907 is not played the most because it’s the best… But russian mediums are strong and 907 is super in the hand of players that handle it to minimize the risc of getting internal module damage…

          2. No 100% not troll… as i said its my opinion. And also “personal preferance” if you cant understand that… i dont know what to say tbh. If it matters, my opinion comes from a person who played 80% mediums since i started in 2011, and managed to get into one of the top clans 4 years ago. Ofc 907 is part of the lineups in CWs and so on.. but i’ve heared mixed opinions about this tank, and what i said was based on this, and my opinion on it. Its a good tank sure.. but its nothing different than a 140 to me. It has its advantages but also quite a bit of drawbacks. And what i suggested for others to choose the chieftain over the 907 is just becouse that tank is different, and there arent 3 other tanks already in the game that are just like it, and are available to research to anyone, especially for people who dont want to play cw to get the tank. So if you are looking for novelty and a unique tank go for the chieftain. If not, and you just want to be a tryhard, or you want the 907 for a long time.. than go for it. Just consider what people warned you about it. I watched daky, and skill play the 907, when they 3marked them, and i saw the frustration they went through.. thats just pure experience from their standpoint, and also mine, since i have it and played a lot of it.

            1. Dakillzor will openly admit the 907 is overpowered as hell lol

              Yeah it’s similar to 140 and T62A, but its better than both.

              1. Motoko i suggest you go back and watch the vod or videos when daky was 3marking it… i remember his fury when the gun didnt behave for him and got ammoracked a billions of times. The only times that tank is better than 140 is sidescraping, since you can overangle more.. but more often than not when i try to do that even tomatos will hit the coupola and the roof.. and then you’ll think about if that tank is even worth your time or not.

    1. I think this one looks way better, i really hate these Boxes on the Chieftain Turrets. But the look of a Tank is not so important i guess.

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